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Trans Fats from Cheese


Can anyone tell me if there are any differences in the trans fats found in cheese (natural) vs. trans fats you would find in hydgrogenated oils? The reason I ask is because I am on the AD and have been eating a butt load of cheese but just realised I have also been eating alot of trans fats. I could only find 1 type of swiss cheese at the grocery store without trans fats however the massive bricks of noname cheddar are much more cost friendly. Thanks in advance.


really Short Answer: Yes


However, cheese is poor choice even on the AD. To save money I would suggest paying a visit to the loblaw/zehrs hot food counter for the rotisserie. 150-180gm or protein for $7-10/bird.


Ya I was going to cut it out anyway I have just been using it as a snack. Thanks for the link


Just off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure the trans fat in cheese is CLA which has cancer and inflammation fighting properties. Hydrogenated oils on the other hand, are poison. Therefore, cheese is great (in my completely unprofessional opinion) as long as you're eating your veggies to balance out the big acid load they carry. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken.


I've been wondering about this myself. Thanks for the link Evil1.


Hydrogenated oils are in the top 10 worst food additives.
I've never heard of fats in cheese being compared to hydrogenated oils.


CLA is an omega 6 polyunsaturated is it not?


No. I believe it exists as a trans-fatty acid and a cis-fatty acid. Basically, CLA doesn't even count as trans fat on most food labels as far as I know. Eat your cheese.