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Trans Fats at Home?

This is probably ignorant, but do I need to worry about trans fats when cooking at home? Say I was cooking something and fried it in olive oil thinking that I was going to get a good helping of healthy unsaturated fats. Would I actually be creating trans fats from my oil?

yes. evoo shouldn’t be used for cooking. most oils cannot tolerate cooking temps in excess of 300 degrees. walnut oil, argan oil should never, never be exposed to heat - chains are much too volatile.

palm oil, coconut oil are better suited for frying and high temperature cooking - much more stable. i think peanut oil also.

I’ve been using olive oil for non stick properties when I cook my eggs, plus I like the taste. I’m not frying my eggs. I cook them over/medium. Do you think I could possibly be messing up my oil? I was unaware that olive oil and it’s fats could turn to transaturated fats? If this is the case can melting cheese cause the sat fat to “morph” as well?


No. In order to create trans fats you need high heat, a catalyst and hydrogen. You are not doing this on your stovetop but you may be burning your olive oil. Make sure you match your cooking oil with the proper temperature.

Thanks Zap!