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Trans Fat Replacement Thread

I recall a fairly recent thread about a 'new' product to replace trans fats.  I was having a converstation with my mother in law, and mentioned it to her.  But I can't find the thread.

Does someone remember the thread, and can you direct me to it? I tried going back through the last ten pages, and can't find it. I also tried to search with no luck.


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Not sure about the thread, but you can check out this site:



Thanks. Very informative site. I still can't find the name of the 'new' replacement that was posted about here, if anyone can remember the name, or help me find the thread.

\|/ 3Toes


OK, I found it.

It's here -


The title of the thread is

T-Nation Response on Soy Article, which kind of threw me off, I was looking for 'transfats' in the title of the thread.

I must be pretty bent, because I spent well over an hour to find the thread. I finally searched 'canada.com' and found the same article referenced in the T-Nation thread.


All's well that ends. That's what I say.

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