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Trans Athletes Competition Policy

I know this probably belongs in PLing but I felt it Was interesting for the general fitness crowd who may or may not know what’s been going on in terms of trans athletes entering competitions.


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Oh powerlifting…

To be fair I don’t think the speakers for changing USAPL policy to allow transgender athletes were very convincing.

They pointed out there was a paucity of super applicable data/evidence currently to support or not support that transgender women, having gone through all the things, do not have an advantage. Fair enough.

However, when they are the side proposing major changes to an existing policy I think the burden of proof falls on them sooner or later. They didn’t present any evidence. Just said there wasn’t enough out there yet to support their argument but change it anyway because acceptance/tolerance/inclusivity or we’ll sue and protest.

The other side presented all the current evidence which supported their side and tore apart the current evidence that is the basis for existing trans-inclusive policies like the IOC’s

No surprise which way the vote went.

Just make a transgender division and be done with it already in all sports


My favourite part of the article was this:

The “bone density” red herring has been thrown out there for years, at least since MMA fighter Fallon Fox appeared on the scene. The bone density of black women is, on average, significantly higher than that of white women. In fact, some studies have shown the bone strength of black women to be higher than that of white men.

Yet we don’t see any great rush to divide lifting categories by race (which of course would be ridiculous),

This is flat out dishonest.

Firstly, I didn’t read the entire study but I did note the subtle change of words from bone density to bone strength in black women vs white men comment. That study seems to be in a elderly populations suffering from Osteoporosis (and I don’t know that they are comparing similar age brackets and not in particular bones)

The difference between black females and white females is below 15% where females to.males is up to 45%, those are nowhere near comparable.

As noted, bone density is but one area where test imparts an advantage and the skill vs athleticism ratio is very different in MMA compared to powerlifting.

Presumably, these are not “red herrings” but an inconvenience the author hopes the weird racism comment distracts you from rather than actually addressing.

This is an issue for all women’s sports, not just powerlifting. And every time I hear about a male transsexual competing against women they are winning every time. You have to be blind not to realize that it isn’t fair.


isn’t fair? Who gives a fuck.

This is the best thing to happen to women sports.

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Simple solution. A trans women, and trans men’s division. I compete in powerlifting, and there are 20 divisions already. A couple more would not be the end of the world.

This solution does not leave anybody out, and is fair to everybody.

How is that?

Apparently a lot of women give a fuck. And I happen to like women so I give a fuck too.

But if fairness is irrelevant then why even have a women’s division? Why can’t they just compete against men? Aren’t we just pandering to the delusions of little girls by making them think that they have a chance in sports?

Because women sports suck.

I’m tired of being told to care about women’s basketball, or listening to people cry over why the women’s team isn’t getting paid the same, no one gives a flying fuck about most women’s sports, and the ones they do care about, they care about every 4 years at most (soccer, swimming, volleyball, track and field).

Let the trans go in there and decimate all the records, it will be mad entertaining! Plus, the look on everyones face will make the whole thing worthwhile, and probably blow up the movement once and for all.

Try and see it from that angle and you’ll see it’s a good thing :wink:


Yeah I have yet to hear a transgender kicking allot of ass in higher level male division in a given sport. Has anyone else out of curiosity?

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Simple - exogenous hormones have no place in drug tested competition.

At a sports-wide level, it’s pretty bad that organizations want to force athletes with naturally higher test levels like Caster Semanya to take hormonal meds, but are okay with athletes, especially female to male transgender athletes, taking copious amounts of test at at least the high school and college levels.

A simple T or X division would be fine. But you know people would be big mad once cisgendered men with huge totals just start entering these divisions and stop actual trans athletes from succeeding. There’s nowhere to draw the line.

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huh? what is your point? you’re talking about a biological female that is now identifying as a male kicking ass in a male division?

I believe there’s an NCAA Trans FtM Swimmer who gets a pass from using PEDs, even though other athletes are subject to drug testing

Chris - a female friend of mine played rugby against a trans lady. Her opinion: Easily the least skilled rugby player on the pitch. However had the most effect on the game. Too big, too strong.

I know trans people feel they are women / men. And who am I to say they are not. But in a sport where your biologic advantage might hospitalise someone, just fuck off. At least in power lifting all your doing is robbing a title. In contact sports – you could genuinely hurt someone.
That’s a court case for the future – trust me!

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I feel bad for her. I really do.


Yes I am and one doesn’t see it . The remark wasn’t directed towards you’

Is she actually a woman? I do not think medically she classifies as a woman. I might be wrong about this, but I thought I heard she had un-descended testicles. If true, I would say testicles should be enough to say she is not the same as her competition.

Correct me if I am wrong here, as I might be.

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I can’t imagine there are enough trans-people in the country to have a trans divisions in most sports.

I feel bad for parents with girls. It’s not really an issue for boys.

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There are meets that have 1 competitor in male and female divisions, and some with 0, so I don’t think its a huge issue

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