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Has anyone ever heard of using localized tranquilizers during strength training to improve performance or is it just a myth? Because i have heard of it being used but i don’t understand how or why it would work.

I don’t see how taking a sedative and working out would make you preform better

im aware of ghb or the “date rape” drug being used by bodybuilders. There are several reasons for it truly deep sleep would be the best reason i could see for its use. Google it if you are interested. During training? nope dont think so.

The theory behind its use was to increase pain tolerance preventing your body’s from naturally shutting down the muscle when the pain reaches a breaking point. I was also wondering if there is any potential way of inhibiting the GTOs in a muscle, similar to what is seen when a thirteen year old kid can lift a car off of his dad. I know that the GTOs are part of the neurological system but is there a substance that can be used to inhibit them?