Hey fellow T-Men and T-Women, just curious to see if anyone has tried this product called Tranquili-G it contains 4-pentanolide which is another name for Gamma-Velerolactone which Bill Roberts is said was a decent replacement for our former GBL products (may they Rest in Peace). Any feedback would be great.

I tried it, and didn’t like it. I have done G, and other “metabolites” before, and the GVL tastes like paint thinner and bad scotch mixed. It did, however, have the same effects as G and GBL’s. If you seriously want to do it, inject the stuff into gelcaps. Then, it wouln’t burn your throat.- The Starkdog

Don’t expect anything similar in feeling to gbl. Feels totally different. Very mild and long lasting (maybe too long.) People that expect GBL feeling get very disappointed. If you just want some mild relaxation, then give it a try. If you want more peoples experiences try a search on Search for gvl and ghv(what it supposedly is converted to in the body.)

Starkdog understates the taste: GVL must be mixed with water (will feel like it’s stripping your mouth and throat if you don’t) and is very burning and nasty even when diluted 1:10. There’s no way around it.

In gelcaps I suppose you could get away without the water provided you drank a glass of water after taking the caps. However, since the required dose is about 9 mL, that would not be so convenient.

You could not, by the way, use softgels prepared much in advance, because the GVL will damage them.