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Traning Max Test


ok guys just finished doing my traning max test for 1000% awesome 2/1 leader anchor .i got 5 reps on squat/bench/deadlift while overhead press only got 2 . now im going to start coffinworm 3x/week next week. the bench and deadlift felt like solid reps on the squat last rep was a bit grindy. should i lower my squat by 1 cycle and keep the dead/bench the same and im guessing i would have to find and est 1rm for ohp and take 85% of it.


When in doubt, go light.


Right. Rather not keep grinding through thx


I was under the impression that one should “reset” TM after each training block (e.g. 2 leader/1 anchor). Meaning that TM for the first cycle in a block should be equal to the latest TM evaluation.

Where TM usually is: 0.85 x (Weight x Reps x 0.0333 + Weight)