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Traning Frequnecy (Sprints & Lower Body)


Hey guys, got a question of something i am trying to address.

I follow an upper / lower split.

Would it be possible to reduce the amount of lower body work in replacement of lagging (upper) parts if i intend on adding more sprints?



Show me the details of your program and I can give you more info.

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monday - hang cleans, squats, shrugs, romans, curls, abs, dips
tuesday - plyo push ups, bench press, rows, overhead press, chin ups
wednesday - circuits
thursday - hang pulls, dead lift, shrugs, lunges, curls, abs, dips
friday - btn push press, military press, upright rows, incline bench, rows, chin ups
saturday - sprints
sunday - light cardio

Is the amount of lower body work okay?