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Tranformers 3 Trailer


Check it out, will be in theatres on July 1...


so is this like a prequel? meaning no megan? or what?



Well, I know I'll need to ask for that day off.


No, because they were filming with Shia LeBouf in Chicago. I do know that Megan Fox decided not to do this movie but I can't remember why.


They killed her off in the first 10 minutes, if I remember correctly.


They dropped Megan because they didn't want Shia's character to be tied down anymore apparently: http://movies.yahoo.com/news/usmovies.accesshollywood.com/updated-megan-fox-dropped-from-transformers-3


Awesome. Should have done it in 5.


I really don't like that Michael Bay got a hold of this movie series, I think Transformers could have been so much better with someone else running the show. Ridley Scott or Tim Burton would have made this untouchable IMO.


Tim Burton?

Depressive robots turning into sad, sad cars?

Yeah, he could probably pull that off.


You know who that robot is? One Alpha Trion aka Optrimus Prime's daddy. Bay is going tro fuick this up bad.
Optimus "But dad!!"
Alpha trion "no rolling with your friends tonight you're grounded for losing the cube"


They got rid of Ms Fox because she pissed off the director by reportedly being a bitch queen on stage. they call it "creative differences".

The girl is fine, but her acting sucks. She dragged down Jonah Hex (which was actually a decent movie)


A 2 minute trailer has me totally hooked. Can't wait to see the movie!


http://www.nerdsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/transformers-rosie-huntington-whiteley4.jpg an acceptable replacement...


http://www.nerdsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/transformers-rosie-huntington-whiteley4.jpg an acceptable replacement...


nope, sorry. It's gonna be hard to even come close to that scene where she was bent over with the hood popped.

1st movie was really good IMO, second sucked


QFT, second movie had too many comic reliefs. Everyone was popping one liners and trying to be funny and it just ruined any actual tension they had built. If Bay realizes this is an action movie(with a few hot women thrown in for good measure) and not a comedy I think I will enjoy this next movie.


that's a shitty trailer. Seriously, how can anyone get excited over that?


^ agreed. thats not a real trailer though. its a teaser trailer. not very effective though.


I really cant say anything positive or negative about it. Trailer isnt that great. But Im still anxious to see it


ahh, I missed the "teaser" part