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Any clubgoers, DJ's in the hizzle?


I am out the door to go watch her spin right now (DJ MLE). Break Beats/ Progressive House style.

Big fan of DJ Micro, Paul Van Dyke, DJ Dan, George Acosta, Carl Cox, etc. Can't keep me out of the clubs.


PVD, Oakenfold (his earlier works), Tiesto, Nu NRG, Ronski Speed, (I could go on but blah). I love this stuff.


Hell yeah, I love that shit. I can dance all night to techno/trance/etc.


No, but I want to!


yepp asapiring DJ here (nice hobby to have)

love almost all elecronic , not the cheesy stuff...

raves, GOOD clubs, underground breaks/jungle

you name it.




I guess I'm a lot like the others,

Oakenfold, Christopher Lawrence, D-Fuse, Kimbal and Sandra Collins, Max Graham, Crystal Method (Vegas baby, Vegas) Paul Van Dyk...


Oakenfold still spins good tunes. I just acquired his State Side Live (Galaxy FM). Good shit!

Armin Van Buuren is good too. His latest that I got has him mixing in some Dave Gahan (Dirty Sticky Floors). Considering myself an old schooler, I enjoy hearing some old familiar voices.

Not to mention the new BT kicks ass too. It should hit the streets on the 5th of August.

I'm too old to go clubbin. I see these teens that just make me feel ooooold! Maybe I'll find some fetish techno club where I can throw on some freaky leather/vinyl and dance in a cage or something.


I don't DJ, but a friend of mine does on the side. He's made me a bunch of CD's and also DJ's at a few clubs and on some live online sites.

I used to dance more often, but now I'll just go to listen to some good DJ's and chill.

I'm down for some sweet house/progressive mixes and have a vast collection of CD's from Oakenfold, Sasha and Digweed, Digweed, Hooj, Lawler, BT, Pappa, and more! They sound hella sweet in my little CRX with a very nice sound system.


that shit is ooooooooold(tiesto had in the mean time another 15(!) albums)
one thing I noticed about americans and trance/europian electropnic music... they are so not up to date. I lived in both continenets and traveled some between. also had some american friends in Israel, they where always lightyears behind, kinda like us and HBO series, we get them a year after you.

anyways here are the real deals:
progressive house- danny howells
progressive trance - max graham(canadian)
tribal/deep house - steve lawler
club trance/american raves - cosmic gate
psychadelic trance/american desert raves - cosma, gms
d&b - moving shadow, ram trilogy


well, I can't say I share the same tastes as you guys, but each to his own!!

I have been dj'ing for 4+ years. I play/listen to all forms of house.


Is Christopher Lwrence just an LA/Socal guy? Or am I the only one who likes his stuff?


for those on the left coast check out the monthly Soundlessons event in LA - the one last wk had ?uestlove from the Roots droppin a dope dj set.

my man dj J-Logic was spinning smooth too.

as for where to look for good tunes - check out anything on Ubiquity, Stones Throw (Madlib & co.),
Dublab.com - tune in and get the freshest.


Ace Project
Gemini Projekt series
Paul Van Dyk - Return of God
Kan Cold

I live in the US, yet I still get dance/euro/trance before most (even where u live glute :P)


sorry Glute Spanker but Vancouver Canada is where it's at:
Jay Tripwire
Dj Ali
Tyler Stadius

--These guys are owning the production and dj circuit (Stadius) respectively. I don't think any house dj worth his 1200's would disagree.


I know that cd inlay of Tiesto was old.

I just collect the images on my computer.


Regarding Glute-Spanker's comment about Americans being way behind, I'd have to agree... to an extent. There are always a few like myself who always aquire the latest live mixes via bootleg within days of their debut. Therefore, we're not all behind :wink:


Brad, I am a Christopher Lawrence fan as well. Along that route, Joshua Ryan is some quality stuff. I agree with those that mentioned BT, saw him live for the first time at a small club, impressive work. Any of you listen to DJ Micro? "My Frequency", I just can't seem to get that thing out of my cd player. Really gets me fired up in the gym.


Tiesto is a fucking wanker.

so is Paul Van Dyk.

They are the equivalents of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in the electronic scene.

The US is perceived as being 'behind the times' versus Europe has alot more to do with marketing than anything else.
European radio play isn't dominated by the big record companies like it is here and so people like PVD etc. get radio time over there.
Having said that, most of the quality, less commercial house music actually comes from North American producers and labels, they are just more underground and don't have the clout of their British counterparts, (like Global Underground).

....of course it is also has a defferent sound and tempo, but that is another conversation entirely.