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Trampolining for Conditioning

So, the other day I spent an hour at trampoline park, and I had the best time of my life. Couldn’t do any fancy flips or tricks, although I had ball trying to reach heights and doing simple spins while in the air etc.

Anyone else use a trampoline park for their cardio?

There isn’t a great deal of info out there regarding the benefits etc. But Im sure the benefits are great.

My only recommendation is keep to “off-peak” times to avoid been that adult jumping amongst a bunch of 5 year old kids.


Jumping on trampolines has been proven to positively affect cognitive functioning. I think I read even 10 minutes of jumping has lots of benefits. I reckon trampolining (yep, that’s a verb!) is so much fun because it’s so good for us, kind of the inverse of Brussels sprouts or high-rep squat sessions.

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@TriednTrue; do you jump often?

I kind of want to make it a weekly thing, but kind of feel a bit weird that as a 30 year old man I attend trampoline parks and jump around like a 7 year old.


It’s really too bad that it’s not considered socially ok for adults to enjoy this.

I remember going to some sort of church social event where we went to a trampoline park. I was a sweaty mess after just 20-30 minutes of jumping.

Great fun. Lots of childhood memories with this.

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I used to when I owned a trampoline. Jumping in my backyard made it a tad bit easier lol. In my city, there are multiple trampoline parks; some are frequented by adults, others kids. Do you have different venues you can try out to find one that adults go to?

The town I live doesn’t have a trampoline park… would be possible a good business to invest in.

I live in an apartment, so I don’t have a backyard to put one in.

I visit one place when I visit the city… and purposely go on school hours.


I don’t care for any potential benefits. Just because it sounds fun

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