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Well, my friend just got a relatively badass trampoline the other day. We were on it for about an hour yesterday.

Anyway, anyone ever thought about this as exercise? It may just be that I'm in horrible shape, but I was tired as shit after it. I was also winded after a little while on it.

And today, my traps are sore as hell. I felt them being used to hold my arms from being ripped out of their sockets everytime I landed.

I know I'm asking to be made fun of for this thread, I was just wondering what everyone else's thoughts are on trampolines. A new (?) fun way of doing cardio?


You are too late man, it's already been thought of. It's called the Urban Rebounder and for just 3 easy payments of $39.99 you can have one! LOL And for just 20 minutes, 3 times a week, you too can have the body of a greek god!


Have you ever seen that infomercial with all the women jumping up and down on their mini-trampolines...?? It's funny as hell!

I agree though a trampoline is hard work...


You forgot the small print "Results not typical"


hahaha, you totally just beat me to that! oh well!


Yeah, it's a Friday. You expect me to be working today? LOL


You can pick up a mini tramp from your local sporting goods store for 1 easy payment of $40 and save on the shipping. I have one. It's fun. A lot like jumping rope with less impact. Don't get a folding model because those aren't as sturdy. Technically I exceed the weight limit on mine but so far it's held up. And if it breaks, for $40, I'll just get another one.


This aint no $40 trampoline. hahaha.

Its like an 11foot diamater thing with the nets on the side. We bounced my 130lb friend about 6 feet in the air.


Screw the mini's the big ones are fun as hell, I was playing on my freinds. My hip and knee is still sore as hell. 260lbs men are not ment to do back flips almost made it thou, kept landing on my knees. my son kept telling me "you almost made it" so I kept trying. was a shitload of fun.


They're great for sex! Even better are the airbeds! Whoa!


Screw the mini-trampolines and the big round ones suck. They are spongy in the middle. The only trampoline that is worth while is a high quality rectangle. If you pay less than a 1000 bucks it's probably garbage.

I'm going to get one this summer or next.

Someone mentioned sex on a trampoline. I don't know why, but every once in a while I'll look at a girl and think "she'd be fun to get naked with on a trampoline".


You need a grill, a keg, and a bunch of slutty girls...STAT!


Unless I find a better deal, this is the trampoline I'm going to get:



These trampolines are dangerous and poorly constructed. Your homeowner's insurance will either be increased or denied it you have one in your yard, due to the high risk of lawsuits. 130 pounds? All you guys must be lightweights if you can jump on the thing without it collapsing. Get off this kids toy and go bang some iron around.


YEAH! You young punks better listen to Momma. And for the love of gawd, STAY OFF MY LAWN!!!! LOL


Thanks, but I'm 170. By no means big, or anywhere near it, but I'm not terribly small either. (ok, yes I am)

And we only go on two at a time.


Well yeah, the big ones are more fun - that goes without saying. I'm just saying the mini ones can be fun, too, if you're creative.


i've gotten nearly as much action after trampolining as i have after sledding. but before you run out and get one you should ask your folks to put in a pool. sweaty chicks are generally a little more keep-awayish.


The Rectancle "olympic" trampolines are awesome I had one as a kid.

The high, thin, dry Colorado atmosphere produces great amounts of static electricity.

If you rub your forearms on the bed of the trampoline you can shock the crap out of your friends. Big blue sparks.



What the hell is that in your aviatar??? I see some balls & a cock & I can't quite make out the rest! LOL!

Ok, someone please explain "Pit trampolines". Dig a hole, then put the tramp kinda in teh ground??? Something like that I suppose? I've yet to see anything like that.