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Trampoline for Cardio

Hi friends,

I have previously mentioned this in a previous post, but this time around Im seriously looking into purchasing a trampoline.

I have visited the trampoline park a few times and had a blast of a time. I don’t live near a trampoline park so Im looking to invest in one for home.

So apparently according to NASA studies jumping on the trampoline is similar to running for 30 minutes. Obviously the jumping involves a lot less impact. Other benefits such as increase in agility and co-ordination, the need for core strength and apparently the time spent in a weightless environment improves your immune system.

I think I am on to something here, although I feel a little silly buying a trampoline so a 30 year old man can jump on it.

Im thinking of using its twice a week for 30 to 45 minutes twice a week in conjunction with my weight lifting. My goals are general increase in strength and increase in general athleticism. I would like to work up to doing some basic somersaults and back flips.

Anyone else here that uses a trampoline routinely? Do you guys think I am onto something?

Any advice/tips on purchasing a trampoline in terms of size, shape and any thoughts on spring vs springless systems?


Go for it! My son has one and it is great. I play with him in it and it is definitely cardio. Seems to limber everything up too. For me cardio is the worst, so if you find a fun way to get it in, why not? They aren’t even that expensive these days.

Fun cardio win win build fast twitch muscles, plus kids ,like no brainer

Did you end up buying one bird bro?

Almost. Spent a few weeks researching.

It’s one of those things that I’m not sure if I will use as often as I think, and I am in the process of declutering my life of possessions and hence did not make the purchase. I was also concerned about what the neighbours would think of a 30 year old jumping on a trampoline for fun. Saying all that, it’s still in the back of my mind.

Is this something you would consider?


Given different (more stable) circumstances, I would definitely get a tramp. Not only for the benefits you listed but I also used to be able to just sort through my thoughts when I was bouncing back in the day.

I know that @littlesleeper has got one recently and he is around your age. He may have some more insight as an adult bouncer…

I probably use it once a week for 10-15mins at a time, and boy is that enough to get my heart rate up and legs burning pretty good. I do twists, flips, knees to chest, running, bouncing side to side, etc just trying to hit different muscles and challenge my body. I have read lots of benefits of jumping into our “older” age to help keep the joints and ligaments healthy, but I don’t know how much truth there is to it.

It’s fun, a damn good cardio workout (for me) and it’s something even my wife gets in on sometimes.

Funny you mention this, we are currently trying to declutter/minimize our belongings as well…but I clearly have a problem…

My neighbours children have the same trampoline as I do in their backyard. It’s funny to sometimes see them watching me jump on mine. I guess I don’t really care what they think though! I think people give me funnier looks when I’m walking down the driveway with a homemade chain yoke on my back, or running up the driveway holding a keg… jumping on a trampoline just seems normal compared to those activities. :+1:


@Irishman92: You have got me wanting one again. I used to have one as a kid, and I remember even at that age it was a great way to clear my thoughts and have a bit of “me” time.

@littlesleeper: Im envious of your trampoline. What size is that? Expensive? The ones I have been looking at are made with new-age-springless-design with safety nets, which is probably overkill for what Im after.

Have you noticed much benefits from your jumping? Do you use it for cardio, or just random exercise?
By your picture it looks like your in good shape. Do you have a raining log on here?


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I believe it is a 14’. I purchased it used off of Kijiji (similar to Craigslist) for $40, so it’s the cheapest form of exercise I have at my disposal other than running!

I’ve probably only had it now for around 3 weeks so I have only around 10 jumping sessions on it, but I have gone out to jump on it when my knee or hips were feeling beat up and hopped off of it feeling much better. This could be just from forcing blood flow into the sore area which loosened it up, but regardless I’m enjoying it.

I do have a training log:

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