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Tramadol and ECA?


Hi guys,
Long time lurker, but new here. Had a question I hope someone can answer, given there are some very intelligent member here.

I've been using the eca stack off and on for years, and started using it again for a cutting cycle. Last week, I was prescribed tramadol for some consistent back pain I've had from a ski accident last year. I frequently have used 5 htp for better moods, but have stopped because both 5 htp and tramadol act on seratonin.

I haven't taken both eca and tramadol on the same day, and am wondering if there is a risk to doing so. I know ephedrine shouldn't be taken with certain anti-depressants, and eventhough tramadol isn't classified as an anti-derpressant, it is sometimes used for depression.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.


You need to do two things:

1) Call the doctor who prescribed it to you. Most likely, you will be told to take them separately if he/she doesn't know for sure..."just to be safe"

2) Call a couple of local pharmacies and ASK the head Pharm D about the drug interactions. I say a couple so you can cross-reference what one says with the other's words. Pharmacists are usually a great and sometimes greater source than doctors, because they dispense more Rx drugs so they're probably at an advantage in terms of the NEED to be aware of contraindications.


Tramadol lowers seizure threshold, but as long as you don't go overboard with either you should be fine.


Thanks for the responses so far guys. I did call two seperate pharmacies this morning, and they both said taking ephedrine in the morning, and tramadol at night isn't a problem. Seems some of you might disagree with that. I've never really trusted the pharmaceutical industry, so am wavering a little bit.