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Traitors Among the GOP?


Its quite possible that the two senators from Maine may sell out the party.



Health care reform is a non-partisan issue. A majority of people across the political spectrum want some kind of reform, but they disagree on how much reform, and how it should be implemented.

Hopefully, moderate Republicans who take non-partisan or bi-partisan positions (traitors, as you say) will continue to be voted out of office, or pushed out (Arlen Spector, Lincoln Chafee, etc. etc.). The sooner the better!

Thanks in advance.


A. Democrat


They would be politically ruined, if not already for helping to pass the Stimulus Bill.


What are you talking about? Those two have been voting along D lines consistently over the last couple of years.



Snowe and Collins are Republicans representing a state that is largely Democratic. They vote in a way that represents Maine residents, and allows them to stay elected.

The same can be said for Democratic Senator Ben Nelson in Nebraska, or Senator Pryor in Alabama. As a northern Democrat, I wish they were more liberal, but they have to represent the voters in their state, and also do what they need to do to stay in office.

But if you want to get rid of Collins and Snowe, I certainly approve. You're definitely not going to replace them with more-conservative Republicans. Those seats will most likely go Democratic.


Sounds about right.



Looks like the left didn't like her Idea they are now trying to bring up Co-ops again. Unless barry can come out with a speech like no other next week this bill won't pass.


even more evidence the gop is eating its self alive, anyone who goose steps outside the party line is now a traitor.

now only if the dems can pull it off at the same time and they both crumble.


That would be for the best, both parties did their part is running us into the ground.


Funny, I felt like the whole party betrayed me.


You are not the only one. The only one that is good is Ron Paul.