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Trainning and Nutrition Coach

hi Christian,

my name is khady toure. i live in Montreal and i’m doing figure competition. so far i did 4 competition. just coming back from the last one wbff Quebec competition in gatineau. i finish in third place and I’m really disappointing because we were only three in my categories so i was the last choice.

I’m looking for a coach to help me with my nutrition and i was thinking who can be the best than you to help me. i know that the distance will be a problem but I’m more than willing to try it. i love this sport and really want to succeed in it.

i don’t know if you would like to help me, don’t know how much it will cost me but tell me everything that i need to do to be able to work with you and i will do my best…

you will found in this mail one picture of me from my last competition since i don’t already have the one from this one . this one was in October 2009. my body have completely change now. i have more define legs but by doing that i lost some muscle mass in my upper body and that makes me now more smaller and a disadvantage on stage since I’m taller. as you can see i need help… than you very much…

one last question i have being following the get shredded in 6 days for my last week of competition but my carb up take more the day after the competition and i don,t get why ( it terrible i look bigger now than yesterday on stage)… i need help :frowning:

thanks again for your answer.

me again. my profile show me from my second competition in june 2008… thanks christian

The distance would not be a problem. I’m in Quebec, only 2 hours away. Send me an email at christianthibaudeau_1@hotmail.com

You look great in that pic Khady

thanks you

hello CT i send you a mail but never get the answer. i’m 8 weeks from another competition ( september 18 toronto WBFF) and wanted to know if it’s still ok for you to try to help me. doing all my workout by myself. i keep my body fat at 10% since last competition. my weight went from 140 to 147lbs. i did a mass program for 4 weeks and strating the maintening phase and cardio a lot to start cutting.

i<m suppose to start the V-DIET this weekend but not sure about it since my body fat is already at 10% . i;m afraid of cutting to fast like last time.

thanks for the answer.

ps this is a picture of me at the last competition. june 19 2010



Khady, you look very nice.
Good conditioning. Looks like you have built more muscle mass since last year.
How tall are you?

thanks you melanie. yes i did build more muscle . i’m 5’8 1/2…