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Trainng to Hit 200 By June


I'm new to the site, however I have been reading some articles on here for the past few months. I figure I should also go ahead and start posting, so here is my current workout. My current max lifts are: Deadlift 315, Squat ~240, Bench ~240. Squatting is something to work on, and get used to having heavy weight on my shoulders. My current weight is about 185, and not lean, don't care to be. Goal is to hit weight of 200 by June, as well as Deadlift 405, Squat and Bench 315. Here's my program that I will use to get me there:

Every day, 10 minute light warm up, usually walking on the treadmill.

Monday: Heavy back day, also Chest*
Deadlift 3x3-6
Bench 3-4x8-12
Bent Over Barbell Rows 4-5x8-12
Calf Raises 4-5x12-15(alternate between seated and standing, if I did standing Friday, Monday is seated)
Front Bridge 4x ~50 second hold with short rests

Tuesday: Arms and Shoulders
Alternate between Upright Rows and Military Press
Start with bar for Upright Rows, rest, add 5lbs and do Military Press. Same weight for next set Upright Rows, repeat until reps drop to 3-5.
Alternate between Curls and Seated Triceps Extensions using same weight for both,
Curls 4-5x6-10,
Tris 4-5x10-12.
Thinking of throwing in some grip work here, as it is a weak point for my deads and I have yet to feel the need to start using straps, yet.
Might add in some more core work here also.

Wednesday: Legs*
Squats 4x6-8
Calves 4-5x12-15 (again alternate between seated and standing)
Stiff-Legged Deadlift 4x8-10
Front Bridge 4x ~50 second hold with short rests

Thursday: Heavy Chest *
Bench 4x3-6 (I try to get a spot for AT LEAST ONE set so I can use the Barbell Bench and keep increasing my weight, and if I need more to get 4 sets then I go do Dumb Bell Bench
Chins 4-6, until I get about 30-35 reps total
Dips with Bodyweight 4-5x12. Keep going until last set I don't get all 12, usually takes 5 sets
I keep saying to myself to do Grip work today, maybe Barbell Shrugs and/or Barbell holds, but have been forgetting.
Concentration Curls 4x8-10(Barbell curls I feel more in my shoulders than Bis)
Barbell Curls 1x ~12 to finish Bis off with heavy weight

Friday: Heavy Legs *
Squats 4x3-5
Calves (same as before)
Stiff Legged DL
Front Bridge

Saturday: Back, Arms and Shoulders
Pullups 4x6-8
Cable Rows 5-6 sets, increasing weight until I get less than 3-4 reps on top set
Military Press 5-6 sets, again increasing weight until less than 3-4 reps
Preacher Curls or Barbell Curls 4-5 sets increasing weight to 3-4 reps
Should probably add core work here, maybe grip also. Gives 2 days rest before Deadlifts .

Workouts with and * are the only ones performed every 5th week, which is my de-load week. De-load week I do not add weight, and stop a few reps short of a real work set. Weeks 1-4 I add weight every week to Squat, Dead and Bench. I eat like a mo fo.

Sorry for the long post. This is what I am using to reach my goals. So an intro to me.


I honestly think your routine is pretty shitty but if you like it then keep doing it

so your 185, you want to get to 200 and do not care about leanness, so is this thread a question as in how should i get there? or are you just telling us what your doing?

If its the second then you should really make a training log in the training logs section, people will follow along hopefully and help you if you need it, its a much better enviroment then getting help on the bb forum, people arent nearly as nice here lol.

if its the first one then its pretty much just a matter of time right? 185-200 and not lean is not overly difficult.

as for your training you want to get stronger? Im guessing this because in your first paragraph you said how you want to have a stronger bench dead etc so you should jump on something a little more condusive to that. I would say 5/3/1 but at your stage and if those numbers are the goal there are faster ways of getting there.


Thanks, I'll create a workout log. I am open to input, but am happy with and enjoy doing my current workout. So mostly was posting just as an intro to myself.


title of thread should be "EATING to hit 200 by june" :slightly_smiling:




15lbs in 5-6 months is nothing. The body weight goal should be easy. To successfully bulk to hit your goals and ONLY gain 15lbs of body weight in that time span would probably be more challenging.


Relatively, your bench is quite strong compared to your squat and dead. And focusing on the other two would definatle help in gaining weight.


I agree totally and am not too worried about my bench. It seems to go up without much effort though, so if I can bench 315 in June, why not? If my bench falls behind, oh well, I'll still focus on Squat and DL, which are my main concerns.


I've always wanted to weight 200. I'm quite sure I'll weigh more than that come June, but it's just an arbitrary number. I'm going to get my lifts up and eat 3500-4000 kcalories a day, and see what happens.


Good luck man! this is my next bw goal. currently 190 was 152 last january. Hope to be 200 by the summer!


Thanks. What is your height? I used to weigh 155-160, super lean at about 5'8". 200 just sounds so much better, even without abs.


Im 5'11" still pretty lean. Dont care if I lose my abs. 200 is just the next step to hugeness! Probably will never want to stop gaining haha


I hear ya. 200's just a pit stop


Ok man msg me when you make a log and ill follow it, good luck with your goals you seem to have a really good mindset i think youl do very well


Thanks and will do.


Weighed myself today and am about 190. You guys are right, 200 will be easy by June. Just need to focus on my strength goals. Could cut back on the calories but think I'll just keep on bulking for now.


Looking at your log, I am so confused with your work out.

Would hate for you to fail, but can you take a look at this:


Good luck


Thanks. What is confusing?


Bodyweight goals suck


Goals suck altogether