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Being that I am already working out,I was told by an ex-bodybuilder that If I
flexed each major muscle(tri’s,pecs,etc.) for 15 seconds, with twenty second rest periods, for the duration of 15 min. definition would begin to show by the 4th week. How ripped could I get by doing this? How effective is it? and what are the limitations and/or benefits? Have you even heard of this? Thank you very much.

Mark (197 lbs. 5’11 1/2)- an ectomorph

I flex each muscle that I work for ten seconds immediately after I finish the set. I tend to get a better burn that way.

By stretching and flexing the working muscles between sets, I believe that acute recovery improves. In addition, I think there are some other benefits: mind-muscle link, intensity, focus, and other enhancements. Also, Pavel T mentioned in Part Deux of his interviews with Shugs that flexing between sets trains the muscles to be toned in other words, remain in tetanus and maintain the desired toned look.