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I always see people talking on this forums about “bulking up” or “cutting” and eating so much food or dieting very hard. Is there anything wrong with just eating a well balanced diet while on a good weight training program? Will they not make u stronger and eventually decrease your body fat percentage?

i think you’ve pointed out something often overlooked, and that is maintenance / slow progress. it is great to eat healthfully and train adequately to facilitate forward body composition movement; it is just not as fun (or quickly gratifying) as the cyclical route.
i think it fun to bulk or cut. however, it can go beyond focused to obsessed where we forgot that it is all part of overall well-being. that said, don’t worry about bulking or cutting, just eat right and exercise for health - a healthy body is a beautiful body.

first of all, what is a balanced diet?

Define “well balanced”. If you do not know what your maintenance caloric intake is then how will you know how to adjust it to gain muscle or lose fat. You can not go about your diet blindly and expect results. Believe me I learned the hard way.

there are quicker ways to reach certain goals. Like if you have a lot of body fat go on a fatloss cycle until you reach your goal or if you are already superlean then do a bulking cycle to add on quick mass. use the maintenance diet for its purpose - maintenance. laters pk

Do a search for the thread “Can you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time” (or similar) title from a few weeks back. This will give you a lot of info on the sort of questions you are asking (and a lot of extra info too!!).SRS

to the poster, I think I am following you here in that you want to know if one can see great gains through “maintentence” nutrition or not. I feel that the answer is yes, and have seen the results in myslef, this is a fine line to walk, but only you can find your spot and must dabble with your diet, of course your body will get used to the amount of calories you are taking in, but play with it and keep it from adapting and you will see gains. I am a firm believer that once can achieve great results from a year round fitness level, I love staying lean all year, and I see no need to bulk or diet unless competing. Good luck bro