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thanks to t-forums for great info. on 5x5 routine. using this routine on the preacher hammer strength excercise for 4 weeks dramatically increased my standing straight bar curl poundage.since i am a endo/meso with a football playing build, but always wanted a more bodybuilders physique is the 5x5 routine to little reps for my body type who wants to get more definition?secondly is the 5x5 routine good for body parts other than chest and bi’s?.moderate cardio and careful dieting is part of my current routine

definition has nothing to do with performing high repetition sets. it has everyhting to do with your diet. while dieting, it is not advisable to concurrently perform large amounts of cardio and high volume weight training, unless you want to lose all your muscle and look flat. read the ripped rugged and dense article in the previous issues section.