I’m trying to build muscle and have been working out 6 days a week for 8 weeks - three with weights, and three cardio.

I’m not happy with the results - I don’t see any real changes in muscle or body composition. I’m at 120 lbs, around 22% body fat. Right now, workouts are divided into upper and lower body. I follow the BFL six sets per body part. I’ve been increasing my weights every week. Any suggestions on a better way to workout?



GOTTA give us diet info…!

It doesn’t seem like you are giving your body the necessary “recoup” time to build that muscle. Agree with Mufasa: diet info is necessary. As well as more specific info on your routine. WHAT exactly are you doing? Any compound movements? How many sets, reps?

Me thinks also you should ditch a day or two of cardio and look into adding HIIT instead. Like sprinting or the jump rope...

I second Mufasa’s sentiments. We do need to know your typical food choices throughout the day. As for training, the BFL program may be good for a beginner and for a short period of time, but eventually, you’ll need to change your training in order to make more gains. Are your goals to just add muscle? Or are you trying to get leaner too? What exactly are you not happy with? And how long have you been training prior to the previous 8 weeks on BFL?

I am an avid reader of T-Mag. So, when it comes to diets absorb all the info you can from these guys. Look on there website and find the one that may suit you. As far as resistance training goes, I suggest, and this is only a suggestion, apply the following:

  1. Give priority to compound movements.
    Use single joint movements only if you
    notice a symetrical difference.
  2. Use Ian King’s training age guide to
    determine sets/reps per exercises based
    on training age. Check T-Mag’s website or
    or for this information.
  3. Use a full body workout so no muscle
    group is neglected and all of them get
    adequate rest.
  4. If you do cardio, do it for no more than 30
    minutes at a higher intensity or as was
    suggested HIIT (high intensity interval
    training)on non weight training days.
  5. If you do cardio on the same day as you
    weight train, then do no more than 15-20
    minutes at a high intensity.
  6. Keep the duration of your weight training
    sessions between 40-60 minutes.
  7. If your conditioning is high, superset
    exercises for each muscle groups,i.e.
    incline dumbbell press-to-pushups with feet
  8. Again if your conditioning is good, do 4
    full body workouts a week (maximum). But
    start out with three to gauge your
  9. Lastly, train intensly for 3-4 wekks
    straight then take 3-4 days off completely
    from stenuous exercise. You could either
    swim, jog, or rollerblade. This gives you
    a full rest psychologically, physically,
    and your nervous, endocrine, and muscular
    systems will thank you for it!
    I hope this will help. Good luck.

3x per week, whole body routine. Take some time off. Read about hypertrophy specific training. With proper nutrition levels, proper deconditioning, and adherence to its principles, it works great.