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I agree with the tribex suggestion as well. It seems to work for just about everyone really but benefits men in your age group the most. Hell I’m 24 and I use it to boost already high levels and it works. I like methoxy-7 quite a bit though and I’d suggest that if you happen to be a woman to use that instead of tribex. The methoxy that is worth it though is biotest’s. It’s not the same methoxy and you will see results with it. Just wait on it though…

yes I’m a guy. thanx again people for all the advice. Oh, I bought a t-mag today for the first time. It’s funny though, I was looking for the sporting news college basketball mag that comes out about this time and as I’m looking for it I see t-mag. I’d never seen the mag before ,now it’s in my face.

i say try the anabolic diet for 4 weeks, if you think you can hack it… also for you, keep the carbup to 1 day. if you can hang, i feel youll undoubtably lose atleast 8 lbs of fat