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1st, I wanna say thanx for the reply. Secondly I need imput on something. I’ve spent a ton of money on supplements (protein drinks, vitamins etc.) And I haven’t seen any improvements in the four months I’ve been working out. I know I’m over weight (6’2 228). Before I started working out I was 240 (a mess I might add) and my body still looks terrible. So then instead of continuing losing weight I got on mag 10 to see improvements (muscles) but instead I gained five pounds back and still don’t see anything. When I Flex My Biceps Are Hard but that’s it. Again I’ve Gotten Stronger but my body is the pits. I think I’m Going through Middle age crisis because before the look of my body didn’t matter to me but now I can’t stand looking in the mirror. I don’t wanna quit because working out really stimulates me now but again I need some serious advice.
P.S., I found this website after purchasing the mag 10 and really like what’s going on here, even though I’m a new jack to all of this.

Have you read the FAQ yet? If not, do. Read any and all of John Berardi’s articles. Also read Heirarchy of Needs by Chris Shugart.

"Heirarchy" will explain something here: supplements won't help too much unless you're diet is in order. And is your diet in order? You made no mention of it here. What is your diet like? Have you begun a food journal? Do you know your BF%? Next, what's your routine like? Save your money, hold onto the supps. Work on your diet and training first.

You must be the same ‘clueless’ who posted the other day. (Next time, hit reply, not "post new message).

Now, did you read the articles that were suggested to you? Doesn’t really sound like it, so let me translate: it’s your diet. Don’t mess with supps until you know how to eat and train. You probably gained muscle on the MAG-10 but you can’t see it because you’re fat. Lose the fat. See the Dawg School articles at T-mag and read the articles that were suggested to you the other day.

I’m taking mesotech in the morning, chicken, turkey, rice during the day amino fuel after workouts and myoplex drinks after workouts. Sometimes I have three protein drinks in a day sometimes two. I almost sure my protein intake is good and as I stated before I did lose 14 pounds before I started the mag 10. I also have hydrocycut but haven’t used it yet.
Oh I had celltech but didn’t like it, it gave me loose stools even after the loading stage. I wanted to take that with the mag 10 but my system can’t handle all of that at one time.

I echo Patricia and TEK. Though I might add that transforming your body takes time. It took me about 2 years and I was only about 25 pds overweight and was already lifting. You have to educate yourself first though. That is so important. TMAG is the best place I have found for info, so get to reading. Also, back to the time thing, you HAVE to be consistent and determined. Don’t miss a workout. Don’t blow your diet. Lastly, intensity is key. If your not going at it hard, don’t go at it at all.

Four months is not long enough, to decide it’s “not working”.

You might want to consider searching out a personal trainer who can help you with your form and technique. Just reading your message here won’t indicate you are working out correctly. There are many reasons why guys don’t get results, including overtraining, undertraining, using a lousy routine, not using good form, etc.

Also, in my opinion you are jumping the gun by using MAG-10 when you are a raw beginner. It's like the guy who wants to learn how to ski, who goes out and buys the most expensive skis, a racing suit and helmet, etc. Start at the beginning, and give yourself time to figure out what you are doing, before you start jumping into prohormones and steroids. Supplements can be an aid, but they are icing on the cake, not a substitute for good food, good workout habits, proper sleep etc.

“I’ve spent a ton of money on supplements …and I haven’t seen any improvement in the four months I’ve been working out”. If you think you can buy the body you want you are on the wrong site. Go to the archives and read every article of every issue. You need knowledge. Also attempt to make your training and nutrition ends in themselves rather than merely a means to change your physique.

Okay, Good Cop, Bad Cop:

Good Cop: Still, in four months you’ve lost 12 pounds, probably all fat. That’s good, steady progress.

Bad Cop: How many calories are you taking a day? Can’t tell me? Don’t know? START KEEPING A FOODLOG, MORON!!!

Good Cop: C’mon now, he’s new to this. He probably thinks that if he cuts fat he’ll lose fat. A pardonable error. Actually, upping his protein intake would probably make for some nice physique changes…

Bad Cop: But he’s a MO -
Good Cop: Yeah yeah yeah. C’mon, let’s get out of here.

you mentioned middle age crisis. when’s the last time you had a blood test done to see your chemical profile? You might have lower t-vels and some tribex-500 and M will do the trick. Also being 6’2 at 228 is not overweight. It just depends on what your body fat levels are. There is plenty of info in t-mag. go back and read every article from 1998. that’s what i did when i first found it. the info is great and you will learn a lot. I think that you need to analyze your routne and your progression as far as the weights go. Are you lifting more weight then before in every excercise? Has your stamina increased? Are you more aware of what you eat and don’t eat? These are questions that you need to ask and answer for your self. Also have some patience. I know it’s easier said then done, but i try to remember that myself everyday. You want this to be a lifestyle thing, not just something you do for a couple of years. laters pk

Also consider a carb restricted diet. I’ve been on one since Apr 01, based loosely on Rob Faigin’s book “Natural Hormonal Enhancement” You can check it out at extique.com and/or dragondoor.com. You don’t stop carbs, you just restrict them and count them and you’d e amazed how many we eat a day! I lost 15 lbs in 6 or so weeks, have kept every lb off, and got stronger and felt the difference by the 2nd day on it! I still work out intensively and have all my muscles! It may help.

I meant to say also, that I lost the 15 lbs, but I wasn’t too heavy, 183 to 168 lbs, at 49 years old; it helped me lose weight around my gut and lower back, and my energy levels soared!

Chardawg- do you have split personality? :slight_smile: You can actually make some pretty serious gains in four months. But, it takes a year of strugleing and not knowing shit before hand! Then you get smart, do your homework, find some gurus and start hammering at it. Right now I’d suggest light weight, lots of reps on every body part you can get in per day (four day split, read up on it). Work on form. Forget the burn for now. Also do about 15 minutes of cardio on those same days (keep total workout to 45 mintues - 1:15 and don’t get burnt out or discouraged). Then up it from there to 20, then 25, stop before 30 for now and don’t push yourself really hard… make it light. We are trying to speed up your metabolism. Eat clean foods! Organic and clean! Dump processed sugars and carbs! It will be hard since everything around has them. After you have actually dropped those completely then start eating more calories of everything else. This includes lots of good protein. Lots of green vegetables, going light on fruits and even complex carbs. Nuts, beans, and fats contained in avocados and fish would be a good start. For now don’t worry about ratios too much. Continue until you begin actually losing weight slowly but steadily. You need to cut right now. Now do your research and learn how to build! And forget those supplements for now. Don’t take anything except for a good multivitamen and possibly an effective digestive multi-enzyme. And treat water like a vitamen. The minimum daily requiremnt is 64 oz. I’d say drink more than that, especially when upping protein intake. Read up on this site and participate in the forums. I’m a relative newbie too and this site, as well as the people here, are fantastic. The longer it takes for you to build that perfect physique, through hard work and proper diet/training, the longer it will last and the easier it will be to maintain. Besides, really there is no real short route. Even juice needs to be used with modest permenant gains and patience. Later, like about 2 months minimum after you do what I already said and get results, maybe take methoxy-7. It will help you cut and build at the same time… but get your house in order first.

Diet-Diet-Diet- Train-Train-Train…Try the T-dawg diet and the meltdown training or Coach Davies Fast Fat training. You need to be eating healthy foods and graze like a cow not eat like a pig. Eating 6 small meals aday is better than 3 huge and alot of supplements. I only have one shake after a work out and the rest is nutritional meals. I’m 246 with 8% right now. Trust me the supplement market is over rated. Yes there are a few exceptions like biotest and a few more but they have their time and place and until your an established bodybuilder that time isn’t now. The use of a fat burner like md6 could do you some good but stay away from the andro and creatine junk right now. Concentrate on losing that body fat to establish and foundation then go for the rest. If you work hard and diet hard you should see some result in 4 months. Keep in mind an health weight loss is 2lbs a week. At 6’ just starting out you should be at 180lbs. Start from there and give it a few years.

Again, have you read the articles that were suggested to you? One of them was “Dawg School:” The Bodybuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs". Also read the “Missing Ingredient”. Both by Shugart, both at T-mag for free. Oh, and read “Dawg School: The Beginner’s Blast off Program” too. Use the search engine there to bring them up. These articles were custom made for you practically. Read them and apply them.

I just wanna thank everyone for responding. I have read the articles you guys requested and I’m not gonna give up. No more supplements for now except for myoplex shakes after workouts and I will log my meals. Like I said before I know my protein intake is good but I must watch my carbs and I haven’t been eating “junk Food”.
I have been switching my workouts, I’d go lite than heavy and that seemed to work so I’m going back to basics and we will see. Once agin I thank all of you for responding and I will let you guys know how I’m doing.

Hmmmn, if you’re middle-aged, you might be able to afford a supplement right off the bat. I would suggest taking Tribex (just to increase your edge)

The main thing you’ll need is information, and that’s tough to acquire. Keep on training, but read Ian King’s cheet sheets. Actually, you’ll probably want to start 12 weeks to Super Strength and the Limping (into October, I think) program (both by Ian King, both in previous issues)

Basically, you’ll want to train and learn - the more you learn the better you’ll train.

Also, read the various John Berardi articles - you’ll start to get all this insulin,glycogen, anabolic,catabolic lingo in your head. And eventually it will make sense.

Are you taking Salmon Oil? I would recommend it. Maybe take 4-10g every night (until they incorporate into your fat cells). I know it’s a type of fat, but it’s very valuable for weight loss. Don’t worry, this will make sense soon.

Finally (in addition to learning about training and diet, and MODIFYING training and diet), I’d recommend ‘lurking’ on the forums. Read things that catch your eye. Don’t worry, this all gets easier with time.

There’s some really knowledgable people here; you’ve come to the right place. In addition to the prior advice, I’d recommend running or biking in addition to solid weight training. When I added that to my lifting, I got a little leaner and also am able to do variations like renegade and circuit training much easier as a result.

I have to admit that sometimes, when I read a certain type of post, my right hand starts attacking my left. Makes for a certain drama in my life…

Yo Char, that was CUTE. I’m still laughing!!!

No problem. I try to inject a little levity into the proceedings when possible…

If you’re middle aged, then I would say if you’re going to try a supp Tribex would be best. Agree with that advice 100%.

Unless, of course, you’re female. You ARE a guy, right…?