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what’s up guys, I was just wondering what you would recommend when working the legs (keep in mind that my goal it to add some mass) when to work legs altogether twice a week, or splitting them up into hip dominant and quad dominant. thanks again, tarek

Split them up as you have considered. Hip dom on one day and quad dom on the other. Best leg split idea that I have ever used.

Would you give me a basic idea of what the two routines would be in one week ?? and how many days apart…i’ve never really thought about working out with hip/quad dominance specifically.

Podge - Check out Ian King’s Limping Series. It is all spelled out in there and easy links should be in the FAQ. If you have more detailed questions, just ask or send me an email.

Try splitting lower body into 3 workouts per week, in the order of quad dom, hip dom, quad dom - say on Mondays Wednesdays & Fridays. According to Poliquin the quads can handle two or more workouts per week, but the hams respond best to once per week. The program that has produced the best results for me was ( and still is ) doing squats on day one, deads, goodmornings and reverse hypers on day two, and single leg exercises such as step ups and or lunges/split squats on day three. Day three also serves as a “feeder sets” day for the hams as single leg movements do activate the hamstrings to a high degree. I go heavy on the squats and go for high volume on the single leg stuff - think speedskater and do lots of sets and reps. Hope this helps.