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what’s up guys, I’m currently training for football an I was wondering if anyone has a good program for putting on mass (I’m 5’10’’ about 155 and I’m 16) I play wide receiver so I’ll wanna keep putting on speed an add some power.
Thanks again guys,

Do a search for Renegade Training by Coach Davies. Also, Bill Starr has a good book called The Strongest Shall Survive, which was originally intended for football players.

Do what ritchie said. That article is awesome.

Definately look for renegade training to lead you towards the right direction. Look up Coach Davies on the search engine. But basically its all narrowed down to working on every aspect of your game (Linear speed, agility, footwork, hands, routes, Strength, and flexibility) during all this just simply eat correctly and increase your carbohydrate and protein intake and this will give you some added QUALITY mass for a wide receiver.

One program that worked very well for me was the program outlined in “Complete Conditioning for Football” by Michael Arthur and Bryan Bailey(The book has a lot of ties with Nebraska’s program). Between my junior and senior season I added 55lbs to my bench, over 200lbs to my squat as well as dropping my 40 time from 4.65 to 4.58 while gaining 20lbs of good lean mass(I’m sure I added a little fat but for football that doesn’t matter). Good Luck with whatever you do if you work hard you’ll get better bottom line.

Do some research such as read all articles by the renegade, purchase the book the Strongest Shall Survive by Bill Starr, and Quantum Strength Fitness 2 by Patrick O’Shea, Ed.D. Good luck.

Focus your attention on developing yourself that you perform better on the field. Don’t ignore any aspect of your game (ie. dynamic and static range of motion, linear speed, agility, proprioreception, reactive ability, strength and naturally sport-specific skills) and ensure your training always maintains a link to this. If I can be of help do not hesitate to ask. In faith, Coach Davies