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Got back from seeing the doc, might have injured a nerve that controls my left hand’s 4th and 5th digit(pinky & finger next to it) There is numbness as well as loss of motion. Anyway my left arm is out of my training this would also mean no chest, back, or arm work. Until my next appt., tues the 19th, would it be profitable to only train my right side? This might be much longer than a week, won’t know until then. At least I can continue legs, ab, and back extension. Is it ridiculous to go through withdrawal from wts.?

I wouldn’t train just one side: why set up an asymmetry?

You could continue training the upper body
with machine pullovers, pec deck, and machine
lateral raise. You might also, if this goes
on for more than a week and really does prevent use of a barbell or anything requiring pulling by the hand, be able to find
a product I used to use which was a hook
(really like a section of channel) that
attached to your wrist, for rowing and chinning
type exercises, and really required no grip at all. I’m sorry, but I don’t know
the name, but perhaps someone does.

Thanks for your speedy reply–but I must remain patient. It is so hard. Next tues is the real key for me. My doc is is familiar with me–we talk candidly. I went through the “what about this or that” exercise with him already. I’m going through withdrawal, and I don’t like it. It might sound smart, but the doc said,"what part of “No” you don’t understand? He’s the kind who takes time to answer any of my questions–a good guy. Any more input from anyone else, would be appreciated. Again, thanks.

They are called hooks and are wrist straps with hooks. Many places that sell lifting equipment also sell hooks.

I agree with Bill that I would not recommend unilateral training in the short term. Take this time to focus on prioritizing abdominal, low back, calf and ab work. Also, if you gym has one (mine does not), the machine pullover as Bill mentioned is a phenomenal exercise that will work both the chest and lats and has no grip or lower arm requirement.