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im a 17 year old soccer player, 5’8 170 and I’ve been lifting for a while. however, now I need to bring down my muscle mass and weight, but keep it toned. I’m not on any supplements and I run regularly.

Why do you need to drop your muscle mass and what do you mean by toned? Also, what is your question, it is unclear in your post?

Train like Pavel and use the Warrior Diet. Then there will be no way you’ll gain any muscle. (Just kidding dragondoor fans! No rotten tomatoes please!)

Can you see your abs?

HIT, hit, one thousand times HIT. you may lose tone along with the lost muscle mass and gained fat, too. aerobics are good for ripping quality tissue from your body. Try a high carb diet and low protein, low fat diet too. In other words, do everthing coutnerproductive.

Yep - what exactly is your question? How to lose weight? My guess is that you think you are too heavy to have enough endurance for a 90-minute soccer game (or is it 80-minutes for your age?), or maybe your coach/teammate said so. It is well possible to be muscular and play soccer. Although the game lasts 90 minutes the net playing time is only about 60 minutes, and most parts of these 60 minutes are spent running slowly or walking. This is interrupted by frequent periods of shorter or longer sprints. And then of course are the situations where you use your body against other players, like tackling the ball, pushing (in particular using your shoulder, which is allowed), pulling, holding (which is not allowed but common practice). Why am I mentioning this? Because the muscular player has the advantage in all of these. So in fact being 5’8 and 170 you shouldn’t be too heavy for a good soccer player if a large part of your weight is not made up of fat (in which case you should get rid of that). If you don’t have the endurance to last an entire game you will have to work on that. Set this to be your no. one priority and cut back on your strength training. Did I mention diet? Watch what you eat. And just a note on ‘toned’ - there is the term ‘muscle tone’ that has a physiological meaning, but has nothing to do with looking hard or ripped or whatever, which is just a matter of being able to see your muscle through your skin, or in other words, low body fat. (Just had to get rid of that :))

Why, i play soccer and im pretty big and its awesome, the extra size really helps me be rough and allow me to take charge. When i see a skinny guy on the field there’s no power there no intimidation, geeze for real what are you talking about. What position do you play, why in the world would you want to lose muscle. look at top athletes nowadays, there huge , huge, and it doesn’t hold them back, man just get big and stop taking whoever advice your taking.