Coach Davies, I was wondering if you could help me design an “Old School Bodybuilding” routine using some of your movements. My goal is quality weight gain. Input from others would also be appreciated. Thanks.

Absolutely, I think you would really enjoy learning the rich history founding fathers of bodybuilding. They were extraordinary men as they faced enormous criticism for there love of the “irongame”. I guess the best way to phrase that is not really using “my movements” but to help you explore the work of men such as John Grimek, Eugene Sandow, George Hackenschmidt and so many more. In faith, Coach Davies

None of those guys did bench presses because there were no benches back then. I think they put a huge emphasis on one & two hand overhead stuff. Andy Fochtman’s Old School Forum is a good place to go for old-school stuff.

Thanks for responding Coach, I feel honored to have you respond, now which movements would you suggest I use, I was hoping to include the bent press, push press and overhead squats. What do you think?

Thanks for the link but the site is shut down. Do you know anywhere else I could find Old School info.

While I don’t want to try to sell you anything, I think the vip program that infinity fitness offers is exactly what you are asking for (and $25 for 6 months of training is pretty inexpensive if you ask me). But if you are broke or whatever, do a search on this site for “Coach Davies”, there are some premade workouts.

The site is working fine. The direct link to the message board is

Here’s a link to some sandow stuff.
Not to overuse the name (I’m gonna hear it from someone), but if you mean old school as just 50 or so years ago, get Dave Draper’s book. Really good. Or Pavel’s power to the people, as he mentions a lot of older strength athletes. Hope that helps.

what types of the older movements have you been doing? Have you been able to perform such movements as Overhead Squats, Front Squats, Bent Press. Had you had a chance to do the workout posted in the last t-mag issue and if so how did it go? I look forward to hearing from you and it is an honor to help. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Davies, I have been doing Bent Presses, Push Presses and Bench Presses for my push day and the workout in the latest T-Mag for my pull day with some Overhead Squats thrown in. Thanks again for responding.

Just wanted to check how you have found the Hack / Front Squats. Also can you tell more of your existing training. In faith, Coach Davies