Training Yourself to Do Olympic Lifts

I don’t do much Olympic lifting, but I do some and I like it. I’d love to have a coach, but alas there are none near me. Are there some good e-books to help someone learn to clean, clean and jerk, and power clean? I think I like the power clean myself because it seems less technical than the snatch and the clean. I have done some of all of these, but I come back more to the power clean. Can a book and practice make one good at the power clean?

No real ebooks. But Gregg Everrett’s book, Bob Takano’s book, and Tommy Kono’s books are good places to start. As well as the Call Strength tutorial videos on YouTube.

Where have you looked for a coach? Where are you located??

I like Everett’s book the most, easiest to understand for a beginner, and good programs to follow.

I agree with above plus look at their online material and that of schmitz and waxman