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Training Youngsters ???



a family friend has asked me to train her 15 year old son in boxing and weights and diet info, the boxing is fine i know that well but is there any thing i should know about weight training and diet for a 15 year old ???
do any special rules apply to that age group ???

Is it ok for them to:
train with heavy weights and a high volume work out ?
eat alot of protein and food in general ?
eat whey protein supps ?
train to fail ?

any information would be very helpful
thank you



While I don't really have any experience training 15 year olds, I was 15 3 years ago, and could tell you what worked for me.

I got good results from working out 3-4 days a week full body with about 5 exercises per session.

For example:

Clean and Press

I would keep it pretty basic, not very heavy, but not ultra-light either. I also ran about 10 miles a week in those days.


I'am 16 and have done all this with no ill affects, if you are wondering about stunted growth there have been many threads on that subject in the past.

I think the high volume depends upon what other activity he is doing, and as long as he is not showing signs of overtraining then it should be ok.

I started to work with heavy weights(3rm -5rm) at 15 and have grown 2 inches taller since then.


Has the kid lifted before. no matter his Life age what is his training age. If just starting out start him SLOW stay in that 3-4 sets 8-12 reps for hell even a few years. takes months to nail good habits form etc. Get him on s great diet, Let him eat some shit he's a kid but show him what good diet can do. Good foods they are fuel etc. If he's good 70-80% of the time he'll be light years ahead of his friends.

Best of luck, take it slow keep this FUN for him.


Only thing I'd be wary of is the joints. The body's still growing and forming, and the joints may be more susceptible to damage. I've known a few lifters who started going heavy too soon, and ended up feeling middle-aged by the time they were in their mid 20's.

Perhaps some of the training gurus could speak up on this matter.


keep him away from heavy deads / heavy squats for some time.


Eat a tonne of food and adding whey, no problem

running is good too, as well as weights.

chest expanding by doing pullovers - does this work? who knows, maybe, can't hurt to "expand the ribcage"

instead of heavy squats you could try breather squats, using bodyweight, 20 reps, read up on them, they are a great exercise

zinc and magnesium supplements at night, calcium in morning, important for bone etc.. growth / density