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Training Without Tempo? 1-Second Reps?


Hello guys:

I heard that there are methods of training where you can train based on T.U.T. but without tempo. I also heard that there can be incredible growth without spending a full second under tension on the eccentric, and probably just half a second or less on the eccentric.

I am in desperate need of size, I got srength and can bench press my bodyweight for 18-20 reps with a wide grip, really wide. I can do fine in all lifts, but i can't get too close to 1 second on the eccentric and I can't do controlled reps, i just feel like I am not doing any effort at all, and I like to feel worked up with each rep.

Can anybody help me?


Just learn to do controlled reps. Proper form is all you really need to know. Trying to make your reps slower or faster is a waste of time. The concentric phase should not look like you're epileptic and the eccentric shouldn't have the weight falling without resistance. You will have to reduce the weight and work back up to the loads you're using currently.


This is a good piece of advice. Good form doesn't not equal slow execution speed.

You may want to try using a bit more weight, like 6-8 rep max. It's not clear from you post if you used 18-20 reps just as an illustration, or you're using that rep range exclusively.