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Training Without Machines Compromise Results?


hi all, wanted some advice: will training at home using free weights but no machines obviously (other than a squat rack) get the same results as going to a gym? i'm thinking in particular about leg training. i have the space to create a small home gym and would prefer not to join a gym but concerned that lack of machines will hinder progress. thanks in advance for your feedback.


You can do squats. Enough said for legs. Keep adding weight and watch yourself grow all over.


Not at all. If you can do squats and lunges, some may argue you'll never need anything else for your legs.


As others have said, squats, front squats, deadlifts and all variations, lunges and variations, Bulgarian split squats, zercher squats, etc. Get creative and build massive legs.


I can't see how training without machines could be anything but a good thing. If I had a fully equipped commercial gym in my back garden, the only machine I would use is the rower.


The only thing I did for years for my legs were squats and RDLs; and my legs were easily the most developed part of my body.

If I had the money and space available, I would totally do what you're doing.


I've had a bare basics home gym for a little over a year now. Don't think I'd ever go back to commercial gyms.


Absolutely yes, just like everyone's said. You might need to plan your exercise choices better for certain bodyparts depending on your goal and actual equipment, but it's relatively-easy to set up a free weight-only program.

These would be some examples:
(Click 'Oldest First' on that last one to display it properly.)


If I had a $million budget, I'd get a Rogue monster rack, Eleiko bar and bumpers, ladder pull up bars, dip station, and a tree to climb. And a banana/teardrop/speed bag.


I feel like this could easily turn into a 'design your perfect home gym' thread.


I'd imagine it would be tough to write it out for those that do enjoy machines.
"you know, that hammer strength machine chest press machine. With the weights loaded in the back so it's ergonomically designed to hit my pec major?
And that weird cable thing that is attached to the wall?"


Definitely. I've priced out my home gym a few times over the past few years-- for that day in the future...