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Training Without Good Food


Hi Guys ,i've got a qustion .We are not financially good in my familiy and we can't afford to buy meat and protein powder for every day ,I eat what's my mom have coocked.What advise can you give me,how should i train when i do not have enough protein for the day.

Should i go for strength getting lean or build muscle(the last i think is impossible without enough protein).I am 185 cm high 94 kg.Sorry for my bad language but it is not my main . Best wishes.


Milk and Eggs.

Both are relatively cheap and often on sale. There is cheap protein powder out there too, although solid food is better than cheap protein powder.

Both the goals of strength and size will be achieved better with adequate protein.


Try and look for manager special meat, if you get it in the freezer right away or just cook it, it can last a long time.


What both the above posters have said. In addition, I think strength is a better focus because you can train with lower volume and therefore less protein needs. Not optimal at all but do what you can. Some training is always better than nothing.

Best way to get protein is milk, usually cheapest depending on where you live. More milk you drink the more protein you get. Meat you can get hamburger, as it is cheaper than many other cuts of beef.


Are you working? If not get a job and help out. Buy your own supplements and help with the grocery bills.


Lets morph our ideas....:try and get a job at Krogers or meijers or whatever it is where you live and get discounts or even free meat


You can get pretty big eating pasta and I don't know what's cheaper than that. 204 lbs solid muscle is a real decent build unless your primarily fat. We can't really tell unless you post pics, and give numbers for your lift.


Lentils, beans, nuts, liver, kidneys, sardines are dirt cheap virtually everywhere in the world and are even better for you than sirloin and prime rib. Also, it never hurts to drop a hook in the water and catch something yourself if you have access to fishable waters. Good luck and keep your head up.


Dang a member here made a great 2 video explaining how to bulk on a budget.....he's a strongman competitior, someone help me with his name. Great videos I'd suggest everyone to watch
EDIT: his username is GSUbarbell



what country are you in?


If nutrition is seriously that much of an issue, I'd train 3 or 4 days a week, tops, to make sure I had plenty of recovery time.

What exactly did you eat yesterday?

Also, as was mentioned, if you're physically able to work but you aren't yet, that's a dick move.

You want us to decide your goal? Um, that's weird. How lean, or fat, are you right now?

Anyway, getting lean while preserving muscle will be close to impossible too if you're lacking protein. Make that your priority, and fill in with carbs and fats as needed. It's not that complicated.

You don't have the "luxury" of going low carb (where other foods would fill-in your calorie needs) or trying to be super-clean/strict. Get your calories and train hard enough to put them to good use. Also, protein powders are great, but they're still a supplement. You can definitely get all the protein you "need" from whole foods. It'll be a chore, but it can be done for sure.