Training WITHOUT Gaining?

So for the last while, I’ve always organized my training around one of two specific goals…either gaining weight, or leaning out. Right now, I’ve reached a point where I don’t feel like eating to gain, but I’m not ready to cut yet. My nutrition is very good (don’t want to go into huge detail), and my training is intense bodybuilding-style 4days/wk. Is there any point to training really hard but eating only to maintain weight? Would the benefit be simply increased “muscle quality”, or is it possible to make meaningful body composition changes on this type of plan? Ideally, of course, I’d love to attain the holy grail of “gaining muscle while losing fat”, but am not really sure if that’s too possible given that I’ve been training for a while. Perhaps I could make all of my calories and training “count” as much as possible (eg. maximizing meal organization and/or adding supplements, varying training as much as possible to provide constant stimulus…), and that alone would create gains without an increase in food consumption/calories. Any thoughts?