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Training Without a Gym, Just a Keg

Hello. I’m a longtime fan of T-Nation although this is my first post. Usually when I have a question I just search for it but this time I’d like some feedback.

I’m a college student at WVU and I’ve decided to plan my training for the winter break. Although this doesn’t start until the middle of December I don’t see any harm in planning ahead. WVU has a really nice gym that I use while I’m here but over the break I’ll be at my parent’s house without much in the way of equipment. In past years I’ve slacked during this break but considering that I’ll be mostly free of the distractions of school such as partying and chasing girls and studying too late to get enough sleep this time I’ll make good use of this opportunity.

It looks like I only get about 3 and a half weeks for this break which pisses me off because I think it was a week longer in the past. Anyway although I won’t be using Dan John’s One Lift a Day program I’ll go ahead and adopt his 3 weeks of intense workouts followed by a week of rest.

My goals for these 3 weeks are to increase my back and leg strength and speed and to build some muscle while minimizing fat gain. Nutritionally I’m going to go for a clean bulk. I recently bought John Berardi’s Gourmet Nutrition e-book so I think that by following his advice I’ll do well, and I know about pre/post workout nutrition and that stuff already.

As far as training I want to stick to intense bodyweight exercises and I’m going to get a keg and try some of the training ideas I’ve seen on this site. Here’s the exercises I want to use:

-Sprinting Workouts
-Pullup Variations (I plan to use every variation I can think of here)
-One-Arm Pushup Work & Weighted Pushups (Somebody on your back)
-Handstand Pushups

Keg Exercises:
-Lots of Carrying Variations
-Overhead Squat
-Bent Over Row
-Stiff Leg Deadlift
-A couple new things each time.

Also I’m not very flexible, especially in the legs, and I’d like to improve this to become more athletic. So I plan to stretch after each workout, but there will be some extra stretching for the legs.

My trouble is that I can’t decide how to arrange my workouts. One 7 day split I thought of would be like this:

Day 1
-Sprinting Workout
-Extra Intense Stretching Afterwards

Day 2
Pullup Variations (primarily sternum variations)
One-Arm Pushup Work & Weighted Pushups

Day 3
-Sprinting Workout
-Stiff Leg Deadlift Afterwards

Day 4
Pullup Variations (except no sternum variations)
Handstand Pushups

Day 5 Rest

Day 6 Total Body Keg Workout

Day 7 Rest

The idea with Day 2 is that since the pushing movements are more horizontal the sternum variations of pullups might complement them better (sternum pullups seem less vertical to me than normal ones). On Day 4 the pullups and handstand pushups are both in the “vertical plane” and Chad Waterbury suggests these types of antagonistic supersets.

I like this setup but I’d like to do some more keg workouts than that.

Another idea I had was a 5 day split:

Day 1 Sprint Workout (combining ideas in the above split)

Day 2 Pullup and Pushup Workout (combining ideas above split)

Day 3 Rest

Day 4 Total Body Keg Workout

Day 5 Rest

As far as sets, reps, and periodization goes I’m a fan of heavier weights, less reps, and more sets but with all this sprinting and keg stuff that’ll be harder to judge. One thing I am sure of is that with the pullups I’ll have a high volume as I’m going to follow some of Zeb’s recommendations although I obviously won’t be focusing on pullups like he does. Nevertheless I’ve always been pretty decent at pullups without training them much so I think I can make some good gains.

Ok, that pretty much covers it. Any suggestions? What would be the best split? I want these 3 weeks to be pretty intense, almost overtraining (remember I’ll be eating and sleeping a lot), but do you think this will be overtraining? Also where would be the best place to fit some Shoulder Horn, Jump Rope, and Neck exercises like the wrestlers use?