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Training Without 5/3/1


I asked myself yesterday what kind of program I would be following if Jim didn't write 5/3/1. I had no fucking Idea.. I couldn't even name another program or training system other than the westside conjugate method. I wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing..

What would you guys be doing?


Wasting more time ( like I did the first 15 years of training ) following some bullshit 5-6 day a week programs that gave me a good " pump " and fucking nothing else!!! Honestly, don't want to think of a training life without 531 because I was an overtrained miserable FUCK!!!


The Cube


I don't want to think about it either dude.

Yeah the cube and Dinosaur Training are the only two training programs I can see that are worth a fuck. Thank fuck Wendler was born though.


I wouldn't say that 5/3/1 is the only program that's ever worked for me (Westside for Skinny Bastards and Escalating Density Training are a couple of other ones I can think of off the top of my head). So if 5/3/1 didn't exist it's not as if I would die or something.

But I will say that the "training philosophy" concept that Jim Wendler often talks about is one of the more important things I've learned in training - more so than any program anyone has ever come up with. Having a sound training philosophy has helped me figure out who actually knows what they're talking about and who is just full of shit.


some of the best gains I ever made in terms of strength and size was doing "DOGGCRAP". I was going to a gym that had tons of hammer Strength Machines so it was a natural fit. I suppose that is what I'd be doing.


I would just go back to benching and doing arm curls 3x a week.


Reactive training systems from mike tuchscherer is a nice work too.


Probably something like the Cube, Juggernaut Method, etc.


Something as simple as 5x5 approached with the right attitude and discipline will be far superior to pussyfooting through a custom program written for you by a top notch coach.


Starting Strength while throwing in things like farmers walks, sled drags and curls.


The conjugate method as it comes from louie is a bit much for non full time lifters or people who dont have a coach...lillys breakdown is great but its hard to run conjugate in high volume with sports training and normal life. I like the simple breakdown in jims books. You can apply conjugate methods like de work easily o them. But for the love of god if you wave your main lifts and dont plan on getting in gear train slight variations of the raw lifts..even louie is putting out new stuff for raw lifting.... So maybe floor press, one or two board, wide grip, raw bench...low bar, olympic, low box for squats....maybe a rep gm... Cnventional, sumo and block pulls. Also i think power cleans are good for athletes.


Probably either the cube or Texas method.

Jim is the one who really shaped my training philosophy, which was solidified and reinforced in school.


Ive done cube before it is a great program. The simplicity of 5/3/1 is what drew me back. If I was forced it would be either cube or juggernaut especially since juggernaut has much of the same principles as 5/3/1


Loui , new stuff about raw lifting ? When , where ?