Training With Wedding Ring?

Does anyone (else) train with their wedding ring?
Mine does not really come off too easily
I only take it off at work if I have to
do work with live power (voltage) and even then it is hard to get off.

It takes a pretty good beating at work, and
I have decent enough callouses so it usually does not bother me.
Cleans, snatches, pull-ups, rows, its fine.

Only on deadlifts does it really bother me.
If I hook, its ok til I go heavier…
any body else train with the ring on?
maybe some tape is in order…


I never do, as I once bent a ring onto my finger (drumming) and it was not much fun. I know several male PLers who do, but my callouses are bad enough without encouraging them, and I don’t like scratching the band more than necessary. I saw a football player on MNF who was playing with his ring AND a watch…seemed like a bad idea to me.

Soap is a good way to remove a tight ring.

My ring is made out of wood so just about anything with knurling in the gym starts to eat into it. So, I take it off every time.

I take mine off to deadlift. I had to get it sized up a little so that it was easier to get off. It’s worked out well. When you get it sized, they will polish it up so it’s nice and shiny.

Off. I pay my gym enough already without leaving gold on their bars.

In my family, men don’t wear their wedding rings because of they get in the way of working.

Yeah - get in the way of working too, but more importantly, it’s creepy to chat up gym bunnies when you’ve got a wedding ring on.

If it’s tought to get off right now, wait till you bend it while trying to DL. It could be on there for good.

If possible, I’d try to take it off before you lift.

I only take mine off to deadlift… i tie it to my shoe-laces or the drawstring on my shorts.

Hey thanks people…

It takes enough of a beating at work,
Its platnum and pretty chewed up as is.

and the callouses from work on my finger
prevent it from coming off too easily…

Taking it off for deads is all I am really
concerned with.

And thanks for the tip on resizing…
hadnt thought of that.


jewelry of any kind in the gym is whey ghey.

man law.

Lady i work out with on Sundays had her ring on while squatting in the monorack. She missed the lift so while her workout partners were helping her up with the weight the guy running the hooks lowered them…but too soon. Her ring got caught on the hooks and the weight fell off her back.

Ugly scene and she broke a couple of her fingers as a result. Oh and the ER had to cut off her wedding band, so double loss right there.

Granted this all could have been avoided had the guy running the hooks been paying more attention but you get the idea of rings and weight lifting equals hell no.

…I saw a guy curling in the squat rack with his wedding ring on

only time I take mine off is to lift or work on a car, tractor, etc, do something that might damage it or be a safety issue.

had the same ring for 13 years, same girl. She also takes her off when she lifts.

I never train with it on…draw string or shoe string

I typically don’t take mine off to avoid losing it – I’d forget my nose if it wasn’t attached. Mine’s titanium, though, so it’s not likely to bend – more likely just to take my finger off.

I always take mine off before lifting or playing any type of sport.

[quote]maraudermeat wrote:
jewelry of any kind in the gym is whey ghey.

man law. [/quote]

Second the motion!!

I always take mine off, usually I’ll strap it into my watch strap. I tried lifting with it once, and the dumbbells scratched the heck out of the ring.

Off. Safety first - not to mention how crappy the ring would look after meeting so much knurling on the bar(s)