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Training with Tonsillitis?


So i'm approaching the end of my bulk (packed on 30 pounds and added around 100 lbs to all my lifts thanks to all the info on this site). The problem is, I just developed a rather serious infection in my throat. I got anti-biotics and im going to see about getting my tonsils out later today.

My question is, should i continue training heavily during the time that im sick, (moderate fever, chills, cold sweats, headaches nausea etc.) or should i just take it easy for a week and let my body recover? Ive learned alot from this site about recovery times and not over-training and causing stress on the body, and i was just wondering if this applied to this situation as well.


No, stop training.

I get tonsillitis often. Tried training threw it once, we super easy but it still didn't end well.


In my experience it's best to let your body recover from things like that. A head cold is no problem, but a serious throat infection is a different matter.

In the past I have tried to train through things like Tonsillitis and have found that it just drags the infection out for longer and even if you feel fine when working out, you're still taxing your bodys ability to recover (from both the infection and the training) and therefore will get sub optimal results for both!

Put 100 percent effort into recovery for a few weeks and whatever gains you might lose, you will make up quickly once you are back to full health. Much better than feeling cack and not being able to swallow properly for weeks!


Looks like its call of duty and fruit smoothies for a few days then thanks for the info


Good work man...

I got nothing as far as your question goes though.