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Training With T-Nation Coaches?


I just thought I'd start a thread to advertise any programs that the wonderful strength coaches on this site offer.

Any info on how long of a waiting list, how much it would cost, how far one would have to travel...?

I remember hearing about Charles Staley offering distance training, but I don't know much else about 1 on 1 with him or any other coach.

It's not that I'm able to go through with any of it right now, but I'm playing the Lotto so, you never know :wink:.

I thought it would be good to have all the info in one place.

Maybe even links to sites where their training is offered???


David Barr - http://www.raisethebarr.net

Chareles Staley - http://www.myodynamics.com

John Berardi - http://www.johnberardi.com

Joe DeFranco - http://www.defrancostraining.com


I ran my routine by Vroom and he didn't seem to have a problem with it. All I'm gonna say on this one is the legs are the foundation, and you cant build a house without a foundation-nor can your upper body reach reach its potetial. Thanks anyway guys, My routine basically runs 4000 cals-1 hour of workouts short and intense, and sit my ass in this chair as much as possible (to conserve cals of course-and make a living).


I have absolutely no idea how that relates to the topic of the thread.


Chad Waterbury -

Alwyn Cosgrove -


Charles Staley is the man! You can join his distance coaching group for a very reasonable price. Check it out. He just recently updated and merged all his websites into one



Thanks vbspiker, kuz and jillybop; that's what I was looking for.

Great info here!

What about getting trained by CT and having him turn us into DaFreak!? (jk)

I think I remember one of the coaches saying something about having a long waiting list and being able to charge around $20,000(ish), but I don't remember if it was Charles Poliquin or someone else (maybe CT), or how long the training was.


I think that goes for every post he makes.


As many of you may (from my Road to Kona thread) or may not know, I am currently training under Eric Cressey.

This will be my most intense triathlon season as I will be preparing for 3 races for the Ironman World Championship (Kona, HI) Qualifiers. These will include Ironman Lake Placid, Calfornia Half-Iron, and Eagleman Half-Iron.

I don't think I've seen a more client-specific program in my years as an athlete. For someone striving to reach a goal (Kona, HI) that requires me to be in the top 2 spots in my age group (20-24), I have never felt more confident.

I will be updating my thread throughout off-season and training. Feel free to post any questions to the thread. At this point in the "off-season" I am not sure what people would be interested in, so I am taking requests (here or on my thread).



LOL Glad to see I am not alone in my puzzlement. It's like I actually sat there trying to figure out what could possibly be going through his mind in writing all of that stream-of-consciousness nonsense... and now I will never get those 5 minutes back.


LOL, I actually saw the same exact post by him in another thread. It's like he had multiple windows open and was responding to more than one post at a time, but forgot which thread he was in.

He probably doesn't even know he posted here.