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Training with Supplements vs. Without


Hey guys, look, I am not going to lie here. Supplements are ridiculously expensive these days. I am going to be starting a training program that involves mid-rep sets, and I am hearing all this hype about protein supplements, whey protein, casein protein, etc. etc. I can't get a job until the Summer and my parents won't supply me with the funds to embark in obtaining these said proteins.

I was just wondering how much of a difference is involved when training with a protein supplement vs. training without one. Thanks for all answers in advance :slight_smile:


Think of protein supplements as food that is quick and easy to eat and digest. If you can't get protein powder, get protein somewhere else. Your first go to should be whole foods anyway; beef, chicken, fish, pork, eggs etc. etc. etc.


Protein is food. Protein powder is not a supplement. Steak is not a supplement, its food.

Eat enough to grow. Get stronger on a routine basis. If you arent getting stronger and bigger you arent eating enough. Dont worry about protein powder.


This x1000000000000.

I don't even regard it as a supplement, it's not. Just easy protein.

Other sources could do the same job (for the most part) they're just not 60 seconds from consumption like protein can be.


drink milk! your parents would buy ya milk right?

christmas is coming dont forget!
every year i ask for supps. that i wouldnt normally buy myself, this year im asking for the less expensive Anaconda protocol! ask for a 10 lbs bag of the protein of your choice. should last you a while.