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Training with Sports.

I’ve been training for about 3 months already now and I’ve run into a slight dilema. (I know I don’t have any posts…) I play a sport, and I love every minute of it. I practice three days a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Fitting in training is VERY difficult because I am either sore at practice, and unable to get better, and then it takes me forever to recover. I tried to use different muscles in the gym then at practice, but its almost impossible, since the upper body recovers faster then the lower body, I do mostly upper body work, with some light cycling or jogging to help speed up recovery.

However I feel that if I could ALL OUT train my body I would be able to make amazing progress. But last time I tried to do this on my own, I needed to take a week off practice because I had overtrained. It sucked donkey balls. So, any advice from the pro’s?

~Aspiring Lifter

So. What sport are you actually doing? Cuz you see if you play curling or train krav maga I won’t be giving you the same advice.

I breakdance, which is problematic since I use all of my muscles almost every practice.

Well I doubt you really overtrained yourself, but I believe your sore as hell for your practices. Is breakdancing a sport?

Well, what I would do is work out your routine and just kinda suck it up for 2 or 3 weeks. Make sure your not kiling yourself in the gym so you can still make your practice. The soreness will go away after two weeks of consistant training.

No offense, but to anyone who doesn’t think breakdance is a sport, try to do a handstand pushup without the wall, then get back to me. But I’ll try your advice and just work through the soreness. Anyone else got any advice though?

Good diet is paramount when trying to fit it all in. If you don’t have an adequate diet, you will not recover structurally, and will not progress as well.

Equally important is not to overtax your CNS with a lot of heavy maximal compound lifting. Read this article on fatigue: