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Training with Scoliosis

This is my first post on the site. Im 18yrs old 5’11’’ 84 kg and live in India. About an year back i got malaria and after recovering i was at 64 kg, and did not like what i saw in the mirror…at all. Decided to start training and follow the 5 3 1 program. On the first day i passed out after 3 sets of body weight squats and push ups. so for the next 3 weeks i did only body weight exercises, pull ups squats and push ups.

Since then it has been about 7 months and i have gained 19kgs. My lifts have also increased but they look insignificant compared to what i have seen people do on this site. weights a ein kg
Deadlift: 90x8
Squat: 85x6
Front squat: 65x6
Bench press: 75x6

I have never really tried to figure out my one rep max weight.

I got a BCA test done that said i had 18% body fat. I have been pretty much on the same routine for 8 months now. Workout 4 days a week and center the lifts around compound movements. I now want to go for higher weights but am slightly scared because i have scoliosis. I have tried asking doctors and they have prohibited going for more weight, but they prohibited me from going to weigh training altogether in the beginning. There are trainers but not as good as some of the people whose articles i have read on this site. The last 8 months have been great for me and i want continue this growth. Any suggestions would be really welcome regarding the program as well as my scoliosis condition.

I want to increase all the above lifts to 1.5x body weight

I have attached a current image…but did not have a similar one from before.

It may depend on the degree of curve you have, but generally speaking, stronger musculature is tremendously beneficial.

It seems odd that they’d tell you not to weight train at all.

There are some people out there that move very large weights while having scoliosis.

didn’t think would get a reply that fast.

the curve is not as extreme in some of the cases. It may increase if there is more bone development. But as of now it is small enough that no surgical procedures need to be done. Though you can still see a noticeable bump on the right side of my back when im bending for dumbbell rows or similar positions

I did not take the doctor’s word about weight training because in India you do not take an orthopedist’s or for that matter any other doctors advice regarding weight training. All the squatting they ever do is on Indian toilets.

It doesn’t stop me.

I’m by no means an expert or anything so take what i say with a pinch of salt, but I’d play it by ear.

if your feeling good and not hurting keep going. if it hurts and you think its because of the scoliosis, lay off a bit

You might want to have a look at this thread over on the over 35s forum.

Cav (cavalier) trains hard with scoliosis

[quote]EatSleepEat wrote:
I did not take the doctor’s word about weight training because in India you do not take an orthopedist’s or for that matter any other doctors advice regarding weight training. All the squatting they ever do is on Indian toilets. [/quote]
Well in america we also dont take the doctor’s advice on weight training…Our doctors cant squat for shit…!

thanks for the help guys. it just scares me to increase the weight thinking that my spine might get squashed. but i think i will continue slowly as long as there is no trouble with my body.

dont worry mate, it sounds like you started right and have made great progress. Dont get hung up on your numbers - be concentrating on progress! I used to think that a 180kg squat would crush me, now i smoke that bitch like it aint no thang

good luck

Lamar Gant - Best deadlift: 688@132lbs

[quote]johnnytang24 wrote:
Lamar Gant - Best deadlift: 688@132lbs[/quote]

that helps a in a lot of ways, seriously. Thanks

My first ever 100 kg squat!!! for 3 reps!! it is not that difficult, if you do not mind the watery puke afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:

Goodness, Nurse was kind enough to link to my log. I’m flattered.

First, you’re already lifting some good weights, so congratulations. You’re about at my level.

Second, years ago I went through some rehab (or “prehab”) exercises under the direction of an ortho specialist. Very similar to mobility and balancing exercises described on T-Nation. They’re recommended for all lifters, and I think they would help you a lot. You learn how to control your back and the muscles there, how to stay balanced, keep good posture, etc. Train on how to arch your lower back - it’s invaluable for all 3 PL lifts.

Be patient, train your back and get the muscles good and strong. Don’t worry about a belt for the moment - make your core strong enough to hold itself. Work sides and abs, get your torso tough.

I wear a heel lift when lifting, it helps tilt my pelvis and somewhat corrects for the scoliosis. You might have to twist the hips a bit during squat or DL to get more balanced.

Also good idea to hang from chinning bar between heavy sets of squat or DL to help decompress spine.

Good luck!