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Training with Pretty Demanding Job

Hi coach I started a new job, it has it brutal times in hopefully short description 10hr four on three off my job is grabbing , carrying ,dumping 18 bags of mix weighing 50lb each plus two totes weighing 80lb each in under six minutes every 15 min ,have no idea how to train around that I have two adjustable dbs up 52lb each ,bench ,no squat rack n a bar that can go up to 232lb any split,excise selection,sets reps really any you can spare please and thanks I like your simple but affective approach to training sorry for long question also

Dude it sounds like you’re going to be doing enough work that if you just manage your diet you could train twice a week, briefly, and be just fine.

Some walking lunges, flat and incline db press, and some chins will be fine. Your back is going to be getting a metric butt ton of volume at work.

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Thank you so much for the response appreciate it alot ,as for Friday one of my off days if sleep and diet are good day before could I throw some front squats and deadlifts/rdl 1rm for front squat is 220 380 for deadlift ik that training them hard wouldn’t be best but how could I do it sets of 5-6 ,2-5 sets with certain profession I’ve been doing more rep prs than anything finally got 260*10 ,one last thing I promise lol I’m 232 definitely know I’ll loose weight but with diet n minimal training possible to maintain mass maybe gain as always thank you :pray:

I would steer clear of the hinge dominant movements like deadlifts (WTF is with all you guys and deadlifting???). Again, your low back is going to get a shit ton of work AT YOUR WORK.

I will definitely take your advice on the deadlifts I’m on break now n my lower back is on fire for sure …I take it then front squats on off day doable sorry for pestering I just really enjoy training have a good one

Fronts load the erectors fairly hard as well since you’re being forced to stay upright.

It’s why I suggested lunges. Easier on the low back and will bias the glutes and quads.

Dude, you’re doing loaded carries all day at work! I like that you want to train in addition to work, but keep it simple.

Figure out which muscles/body parts aren’t torched after work and train those.

This thread is very interesting to me. I too work a very physically demanding job, and have done so for 10+ years. I already eliminated deadlifting from my training after tweaking my back a few times due to excessive lower back fatigue. However this is beginning to make me rethink some of my other exercise choices. I’m intrigued by the concept of designing workouts that mitigate stress on the back while Targeting the muscles that receive little stimulation from jobsite labor.

Would all depend on the labor. Then you just work the muscles that aren’t as stimulated as the labor. Generally with most manual labor your back is going to get a ton of work. I’d never ever EVER program in deadlifts and squats for someone doing intensive manual labor.

I’ve found over the years that exercise selection is very important, but right along side is mobility/stability to protect the joints. Especially the relationship between pelvis and spine, the ITB, quads, and knees.

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My work consists of moving heavy building supplies sporadically throughout the day, some days are much harder than others. A lot of lifting that closely resembles deadlifts and farmers walks. And some that I don’t know how to classify, like carrying dock poles or 20 foot long treated posts on my shoulder or stocking a house with drywall. The 2 areas of my body that seem to consistently receive alot of work are my low back and grip.

No types of squats? Not even like goblet squats, or landline squats? Just something less low back intense?

Honestly no. There’s no way to do those and really spare the low back. You guys need to divorce yourself from the emotional attachment to certain movements.


Haha. Great post!

Working as an arborist, I’ve managed to divorce myself from barbell squats and deadlifts, but I’m still working on getting away from the trap bar dead. Training at home, lunges are serving me well, and I think a Swiss ball would be helpful.

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Hi couch thanks for advice again ,a couple questions on diet part any suggestions and or articles for on a budget healthy options at work I have 2 breaks 1 lunch. Also lunges feel a bit weird to me I’m a bit bow legged if that would make a difference any help would be appreciated , didn’t want to start new thread lol appreciate it again.

You mean low cost good choices?

Tuna, canned chicken and salmon. All cheap and easy.

Go to Aldi if you have one. All of their stuff is cheap.

Not sure on the lunges. Klokov is bow legged too, but he could do anything. LMAO

Yep I do have a Aldi’s by me , can’t believe I forgot about them.Last thing on lunges should knees hit ground or do as much as I can do ,also weight used and reps got a gym membership to planet fitness it’s close that’s why but not a whole lot of room just 30-50 strip thank you last question from me on this thread till new one lol thanks again coach

I have an Aldi’s two blocks from me. My family and I eat for the week with 100 to 125 bucks for most weeks. And we have more than enough food.

I have one in town but never use it. I guess I need to drop in and see if I can save some.

Uhhh your knees should never “hit” the ground during lunges. No.