Training With Pelvis Fracture?

Hey guys,
I was unfortunately in a pretty bad car accident on april 4th. I broke my pelvis in 3 places along with a handful of other injuries. I was unconscious for a week where I didn’t get to eat anything (they put a feeding tube in me the day before I woke up, but it didn’t get used since they said my blood sugar levels were always good). Because of my pelvis, the doctors told me that I can’t squat, deadlift (any type of deadlift), do good mornings, leg press, or do weighted lunges for at least another month.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some exercises that could possibly help me keep my leg strength up while I can’t do some of these crucial exercises. Also does anyone have any advice on what I can try to do instead of deadlifts on back days?

I’m especially concerned about leg strength because of the week with no nutrition and I also spent about 3 weeks not moving at all. If anyone has gone through something like this before some advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Its only a month, and you can do mornings deadlifts and leg press. Im suprized you can even do those. Your squat will probably go up in the next month if you hit those lifts hard. But again I dont know how you can even function after that.

On back day T bar rows.

Sorry if I was unclear, but all the lifts I listed are ones that I CAN’T do. I’m (pleasantly) surprised at how well I can function and walk but the physical therapist told me if muscles in that area (hip adductors and abductors as well as the glutes) are already strong than the pelvis fracture (my type of fractures, at least) would affect me a lot less. Thanks for the response.