Training with Maximal Weights

For my cutting cycle, I was planning on using this program compemented with HIIT cardio sessions. Does anyone thing the Maximal weights is a poor choice? It’s low volume/high intensity, so it should help me improve strength and keep my muscle mass.

I probably answered my own questions, but getting feedback from some respected people always helps.


I think it’s an excellent idea.

Good idea; I’ve been preaching this. Heavy training + HIIT + sound diet = ripped.


I agree with Ike–sounds like a good plan.

More than anything, experiment a little and see what works best for your body.

Good luck.

hater: Yup u did Answer your own Question… Like Joel says Heavy Training + HITT+ sound diet = ripped

maximal weights is especially a good idea if you are cutting with low/no carb

The training with maximal weights program in Testosterone Issue One deals with arms. Does anyone know a good way of switching this up for chest and back? Also, you do this workout once every five days…what about legs? Shouldn’t some leg work be done? Any thoughts or ideas on this would be appreciated…

genpo199-The arms program is just an example; the “Training with Maximal Weights” protocol can be applied to any muscle group. Just select multijoint exercises (squats, deadlifts, benches, rows, chins, etc.) that enable you to handle heavy weights.

My guess is that if you combine the theory of maximal weights and a CT running man, you will make rapid strength and composition changes. I defy you not to.