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training with max weights

I have read Charles’ article over at t-mag and i started the first 3 weeks and will be finished with them tomorrow. In the next 3 weeks i am to do 6 sets of 2-4 reps. My chest and back day is flat bench, t-bar rows, Hammer strength incline presses and pull-ups and my leg day is squats, deadlifts, and seated calf raises all at 5*5. He changes the exercises in his examples and I was wonder if anyone had some suggestions for changes in the workout besides the arm exercises which i will just change to his suggestions in the article. Any help would be appreciated.

For chest and back day you could change your movements to: incline barbell bench press, bent over rows, dips, and keep the pullups (alternate grip, maybe?)

For legs, try front squats, still leg deads, and standing calf raise.

With these changes, you're still using heavy compound movements, and working all of the same muscles, but in a different way. This should help to give you continued progress. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip. Does anyone else have any suggestions for me?

dude drop the hammer strength machine. i like john’s suggestions.
i personaly would keep the deads…but if you have used them for the last couple of weeks then you should change them up. And how about a power clean, wide grip behind the neck pulls…just a thought or two.
i really liked this program, if steve capolla reads this maybe he can share the other exercises we did.
good luck

dude sorry i totally spelled your name wrong on my last post…i was and still am in a hurry. but hey what else did we do on max weights? i cant find my log…in might be in buffalo somewhere.

Ah yes, max weights in the KAC with big jaytruly…those were the days. Actually, when jaytruly and I were doing the 6x2-4 program we were integrating a lot of olympic lifts in preparation for our college baseball season, so I don’t think our split would help too much. It included cleans and some pull variations along with some bread and butter movements like chins and deadlifts. I think John’s suggestions are fine, and actually almost exactly match up to what jaytruly and I did in our 5x5 phase of the program. Oh, and don’t worry about the spelling J…it will, however, cost you on deads next time you get up here.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to change to doing back before chest,and hams before quads. You could also try overhead pressing with your pull-ups in place of a chest movement. Don’t worry about losing your chest strength, you 'll likely gain.

Hey all, i posted a few weeks ago to get some ideas for the 2nd 3week cycle of Poliquin’s training with max weights. Well now i am moving to phase 3 with 26-8 to absolute failure and was wondering if anyone had some good exercises that they have used during this phase of the routine. This last 3 weeks i did 62-4 with monday: incline bench/bent rows, and weighted dips/weighted chins; wednesday: squats, stiff leg deads, standing calf raise; friday: followed the recommendations in the article. thanks in advance.