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Training with Low Back Consideration...

Hi Christian, thanks for devoting your time to helping us all out! Just had a question about leg training- could you suggest some good thigh movements and set/rep schemes off the top of your head to increase leg mass for someone with 2nd degree bone spurs in their lower back? I just notice when i do back squats heavy i can feel it there and its not a good feeling! I’m sure there are others out there with those lower back “scars” that would appreciate any advice on this- thanks!

I really don’t like to prescribe exercises to an injured individual over the internet without complete testing. I feel that it’s not very responsible.

But you can try the following:

A1. Isometric bulgarian squat (front knee 90 degrees, back leg on a block) hold the position for 60 seconds. If you can easily hold for 60 seconds, hold a weight on your chest.

30 seconds rest

A2. Lunge x 10 reps with a 3 seconds pause in the bottom position

Do A1 and A2 for the right leg, then for the left leg. Repeat the superset 3 times per leg.

Thanks for the advice Christian, I’ll try this program out- i guess it is a unique situation for each person. Take care!