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Training with Long Arms


Hey thibs, I'm 5'11 but have a 6'5 wingspan. As you can imagine pushing exercises are harder, and range of motion is really scrutinized.

Any tips or solutions to go about to emphasize the secondary and primary muscles under tension in lifts such as curls,bench press, and chinups/pullups?

If I go all the way down, on let's say chinups, my knees just about touch the ground. I can do that about 8 times clean and controlled. If I go 3/4th of the ROM, I can do about 12 controlled & clean.



get Ian King advice


This might help.......



Hey, I'm a 6'5" lifter here so I know what you're dealing with.

I started out 6'4" 180lbs and am now 6'5" 240lbs after about four years of training, about two of them good training.

My advice, CHECK YOUR EGO. I only started to get my pushing movements strong when I finally dropped the weight and went full range of motion and worked up the strength. Look, I had been able to bench press 225 for three years, never really being able to go above that. I finally dropped the weight down to 185, started working on going all the way to my chest, doing it proper, and now I hit a 295x1 just two weeks ago. And that was about one year of working hard at doing it right.

Look, it sucks pushing with long arms, but in the end know that when you push as much as someone else, you're probably doing about 30% more work than them.


deadlift and laugh at men with short arms who suck at it