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Training with Injuries

I was wondering if anyone hear still trains although they are injured. I’m talking more about serious injuries. For example I tore the cartilage in my shoulder awhile back. As of now I’m not training because I just got married but once things get settled down I will start to train again.

I’m also going to see a new doctor about my shoulder and see what he or she thinks about it.

I’d like to hear what people have to offer on the subject, especially if they were ever able to get back to a healthy point. Thanks

Injuries… not a good idea to train with them. Injuries are different from usual aches and pains that everyone has. Torn cartilage is an injury.

Everyone eventually gets injured. People who are dedicated return to training.

Am currently rehabing a shoulder from an excessive omoplata and a blown out knee from not being used to gaurds and triangles. and twisting and turning on my knee during rolling (Kickboxing background).

I’m resting it up and doing my physio but from every injury comes oppertuity and I’m stretching like crazy every day to work on my flexibility to open up my game even more when I return to the mats. Just had my first bit of upperbody weights today in months and plan on hitting new PR’s while the knee heals up.

For the OP you should be stretching and squattin like there is no tomorrow. Hell just drill sub setups while your healing and avoid rolling.


I’m going back to training as soon as I’m doing physical therapy for my shoulder, being as I have neither the time nor the money to do both.

I’m getting there, almost done. It’s been a hard fucking road…

Both of my knees have been injured. When I hurt my right one, I took a few days off and just tried to take it easy when I was rolling. . I had a submission tourny coming up though. This was a couple of years ago.

 I tore my miniscus(sp) on my other knee about a month ago and just have started training again. The one I tore recently has healed quicker then the one I tore a couple of years ago. Rest is key, especially the older you get

well, it really depends why you trin. if you just do MMA or BJJ or whatever for a hobby, you can really take the time to heal. also, like other posters said, you can still work specific drills while doing PT.

if you plan on fighting as a profession, than i dunno.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’m not a pro but I do miss the action plus I want to get some smokers in before I get too old :wink: