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Training with I3G, Finibar, SWF, Mag-10

Hello Coach.
I recently started using this combination pre/intra again. I know you were a proponent of their benefits in the past but don’t believe you’ve used them lately.
We’re the same neurotype, and I’m curious, if you were using them again, how would you train to take full advantage of their benefits?
Edit: I don’t expect a four week training program, just curious if there are any similarities to what you would do now versus what you’ve written about and shown us all in the past.

They allow you to do more volume of muscular work. So the amount of typical bodybuilding work like sets in the 8-12 rep range (or even higher) or lasting between 40-60 seconds under tension, methods like rest/pause, drop sets, pre-fatigue, post-fatigue, adding partial reps at the end of a set, adding isometric holds at the end of a set, etc.

A 2A would this start a workout by some heavy work, but more likely in the 3-5 range, or using clusters, rest/pause, etc. then doing plenty of bodybuilding work, varying the exercises and/or methods weekly.

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Thank you.
Lol…After posting, I realized that a 2A would/should train like a 2A.
So layers would fit. They’re a satisfying workout for me but I’m tempted to do two body parts. Like bench and sghp. Deadsquat and Ohp. I know it’s been discouraged in the past but, since 2As want/need volume, can recover better from it, and the supps allow for it, is it still a no go?

it’s a no go. 2A can handle the most overall volume but they are still human beings.

They can recover from volume of muscular work OR neural work. Not a high level of both in one session. You can do layers for one lift and some muscular/bodybuilding work afterwards

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Is it OK for a 2a to run 2 ramps as a superset like DS and OHP, Bench and SGHP? That’s how my workouts have been organized but I won’t do full layers. Usually just go to a 2-5 rep max and then 4 assistance cycling bodybuilding methods. Is supersetting 2 big ramps ok?

Edit: I may do 1 layer after the ramp but mix it up.

Yeah that’s fine